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  1. still for sale
  2. pics up
  3. badge is red, will post pics tonight...
  4. Parts: KE10 grille, jail bar style Condition: chrome is in fantastic condition, badge in ok condition Price: offers? Location: Adelaide Contact: [email protected] or PM
  5. what type do you have? some of them have offset bolt spacing and some of them are square. i need the square
  6. thats correct
  7. After some front KE55 backing plates the type with the even holes located in SA
  8. After some front KE55 backing plates the type with the even holes
  9. will the KE70 caliper mount to the KE30 backing plates?
  10. I'm mid converting my KE11 to KE70 discs/calipers on the front but i seem to have hit a little snag. The backing plate does not want to sit nicely. The little pocket in the backing plate that looks like its supposed to be down the bottom to clear the lower arm does not line up when the holes are lined up. Do you need to redrill the holes in the backing plate? This will mean the caliper will be at more of a 11oclock/5oclock degree instead of 12/6 (ie straight down). I don't really want to do this as i know i wont get it consistant both sides. Can i mount the calipers to KE20/30 backing plates? will this work...Anybody out there who has done this conversion please help!!! Cheers Chris
  11. Still got the front brakes? I'm after just the calipers