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  1. Want these gone. Price reduced. Get in quick.
  2. Argh...sorry, got side tracked. original post edited.
  3. Ke15 Ke17 Toyota Corolla Sprinter Hubcaps. 3 are unmarked, 1has marks. Rare item. Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $125 Pictures tell the story best.
  4. 4 x Superlite 13x6 (4x110 pcd) rims fitted with Yokohama A0048 race tyres. Tires have minimal wear. Price: $1200 ono
  5. Check these out...with performance tires too! http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/northmead/wheels-tyres-rims/6-x-superlite-13x6-rims-and-tyres/1062369524
  6. For perspective...this is what i have. I may still have the cable bracket on top of the rocker cover...would need to check. Inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, carbies and air box. Unfortunately, the previous owner painted the air box yellow...so the original stickers that are on the box are covered in yellow paint.
  7. I agree...there are much better items to be used if you want to make power. But if you want originality...then these are the ones to get. If i was you...get those ones at the wreckers for $10 and sell them on Yahoo for $350. Or tell me where the wreckers is???
  8. No worries. Not really asking my customer base...I was more looking for the opinion of someone who has an idea on the market for these. Exactly like the opinion Mechanical Sympathy gave. I share his opinion that they should be worth upwards of $400 if complete. I didn't want to put a price on them that made me look like a dick...hence the reason for the question. I will now go and deal with the offers I have received by PM. ;-)
  9. I am happy to stick with that you originally wrote mate...see below. GJM85 has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "3K-B Twin Carbs - Value?". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Take your money chasing shit elsewhere. I'll give you 10 but it's only worth 5. ʞ©$ɟ off! Not really sure why the question deserved that response...I am merely trying to determine the fair value for a fairly rare item so that a Corolla enthusiast can enjoy them. Clearly that is not you. But thanks for your contribution.
  10. Hi, Just wondering what a complete 3k twin carb set up (manifold, carbs and air box) is worth? Was pulled off a working motor and put in storage. Thanks.
  11. It's gotta go. Asking Price updated in original post. $9K ono.
  12. Yeah, made by Craig at Carline Mufflers in Gladesville, Sydney. Cost was $2.5k for whole system...so headers maybe $1500.
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