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  1. hey guys I'm new to the forumn. but i have done some research on this and have a few bits and pieces for the zze120/130 exc zze123 all are shipping not inclusive. white line gear. swaybars: front - BTF72z(24mm H/duty blade adj $252.00) rear - BTR77 (22mm H/duty $252.00) strutbrace: alloy adj - KSB603 ($216.50) camber adj bolt kit 15mm - KCA415 ($92.20) ultra racing. rear floor room bar - UR-RO2-190 ($206.00) front lower bar - UR-LA3-153 ($248.00) rear lower bar - UR-RL2-446 ($203.00) there are some optional items on these websites but these are all i need for mine. hope this helps people.
  2. hey man will u ship those door inserts at my expense? tell me how much and ill fix ya up?
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