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  1. Would you be able to send parts to the States? Look at my posts... Interested on the 4sp for the KE30... I would pay for postage costs... I honestly only need the components inside the transmission...
  2. Parts Desired: A K50 manual Transmission in good working condition for a KE30 Your Location:Miami, Florida Contact:[email protected] or PM me :hmm: A K40 manual tranny internal components is also needed ex. Mainshaft with all gears and components and Countershaft with components as well in good condition I'm trying to finally reconstruct my KE30. My 1st and 2nd gear are gone makes noise like crazy... :dance: I need a K50 to try and upgrade to a fifth gear. I hope postage on the K40 components is better to ship to Miami, Florida 33186. :D
  3. Can someone please tell this seller to post his auctions on EBAY and ship worldwide. I'm in the states and need a lot of parts for my KE30 that he has listed. Tell him to email me to [email protected] I'm very intrested in many items. :yes:
  4. I like the way it looks... Very clean and original. Needs a good polish that's pretty much it!
  5. Well on my KE30 that happened to me before...I cleaned the carburetor and changed the fuel filter. I purchased new spark plugs and cables and presto the problem was gone... :yes:
  6. Well I called the company selling these and they verified the models it fit on, so I'm buying them for my baby...
  7. Can someone please tell mr_levin22 to post his items up on EBAY!!! He has so many things I need for my CAR!!! PLEASE!!!
  8. TRD adjustable... Where can I get those for my KE30 1979 2 Door??? :)
  9. Well I found these Bilstein shocks... What do you think?CLICK HERE My car is not lowered or modified in any way, it's pretty much stock... Trying to keep it that way, but trying to get good replacements.:) I love the old school look!!! :S
  10. By any chance are Bilstein shocks good for my 1979 KE30 2dr. Corolla? I'm just wondering... Are they better than KYB?
  11. Let me know... Give me a price with shipping costs as well... :D
  12. Revised question: :D Does anyone have a complete and working clock for my KE30 dash board? Just list pic and price...
  13. What do you think? Should I give them a try? I really like these but they are JDM...
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