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  1. HI MATE i have just posted a set of 5 14x7 ma61 wheels with nuts and caps all in really good condition under car parts for sale cheers DRFTR

  2. WTD ma61wheels sa 0411 724 787
  3. FS 1990 red ae92 manual, 265 kms Body's ok condition few dents, mech a1 new clutch, alternator, coolant, oil. 3rd gear hard to get in but with force does possibly selector just drive it without 3rd interested in swaps 0411 724 787 Looking at about $1500, or swap Cheers jesse
  4. still for sale need this gone this week peoples
  5. BUMP still for sale need this gone peoples... NEG on price
  6. thankyou... bump still for sale need the funds.. cheers
  7. BUMP i didnt put this car up for people to compare cars.. just want to sell it.. its a ke70 as its says it on the firewall.. still for sale....
  8. bump.. on the firewall its says ke70 not ae71... just read it then.. need this gone!!
  9. and bald tyres they were just out to get someone i reckon... i have the standar rear springs to go back in too!!!
  10. Parts:YEP 51K plates for sale as in YEP SIK Condition: brand new Price: 400 Location:adelaide Contact: 0411 724 787
  11. BUMP!! has a 4ac I'm pretty sure and no taco dash.. dosent really matter if its ae71 or ke70 all the same car really!!
  12. no idea bought it for a daily not a toyota man lol..
  13. Vehicle information: ae71 rolla defected for too low good condish 5 speed etc comes with pair ma61's n 14x7 mesh has nice camber locker etc... also still has 3 months rego!!! Condition: good Price: 1k Location: Adelaide Contact:0411 724 787.. or PM
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