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  1. Hey paul can u or anyone that might have a picture of the mudflaps you have in australia post or send me a picture to my email if they are similar and i like them i will be willing to buy a set and thanks paul for your reply
  2. Sorry i am located in randolph nj 07869 my names xavier my email is [email protected] well i will post my car picture so everyone can see well i need the left side tail light and the right side mirror and as for the mud guards looking for a set for me and my friend down here in nj would love to get some parts from you guys really i am mostly interested in mud guards and right side mirror for my car i saw the tail lights on ebay but i just need one the left side so prefer to wait and just get one if any one has these parts and wishes to help me out i can be emailed or i can respond to any private message apreciate any help thanks.
  3. cold use any help can anyone tell me anything regarding the items i am looking for please help anything could help me thanks
  4. Hello i am looking to buy any of these mud flaps if any body has or knows anyone who has any of the same or similar ones on the pictures plese contact me at [email protected] thanks really apreciate any help thanks. Also need these tail lights and a ke 70 drivers side miror similar to the one in picture
  5. looking for ke70 mud guards just like the ones on picture contact me at [email protected] let me now if you have any to sell or now anybody that has some would like all four but if you have any let me now apreciate the help any info on this email me thanks
  6. Parts Desired:ke 70 to ke 72 just any corolla mud guards Your Location: Contact: (e.g. PM, Phone 555 2362, Email [email protected]) my name is xavier my email is [email protected] please reply Delete this line before posting. For Sale checklist: Location? Contact info? If you are missing any of these your post will be DELETED!!
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