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  1. Wtb: Ke55 Dash Cluster

    bump! I still need this cluster, and now an alternator aswell suit 4K-C motor for KE55 rolla. please SMS me if you have these items, will pay postage from a ywhere in australia. 0413554497 - Cheers.
  2. Parts:WTB: Dash cluster/inset (fuel/temp/speedo) Condition: WORKING .. obviously must be working well, suit KE55 Price: You tell me. Location: Ill pay postage from anywhere in Oz Contact: 0413554497 Pref you send an SMS as i don't own the rolla anymore, just helping out the new owner. Thanks in advance. *edit* i apologise moderators, just realised there is a specific Wanted to buy section, can the thread be moved please.
  3. Been a few months, licence suspended now due to a retarded parking fine. Guess its due time to *bump* Price drop aswell? $1800 CASH Trades can be offered ill consider, but due to no licence pref a nice gemini coupe - with or without rego.
  4. 1995 Mitsubishi Express Van

    Too bad it doesnt have more rego, ide be tempted to offer my KE55 as trade
  5. Holden Gemi

    Just a plain 4k engine with 4spd box, check my topics for more info on entire vehicle
  6. Holden Gemi

    Ide trade u my KE55 and you can keep ur rims as a clean trade. just an offer.
  7. I'de checkout pics but more then likely not, either pm me a pic or post here?
  8. Bad points: .. Well if theres any known faults of corollas, please point them out so i can check. What i know so far: Highbeams arent working, but I'm assuming thats just a relay. Dash has a crack on it temp and fuel guage randomly work and don't work. baffles me to no end. i can't really fault the car that much? Which is why I'm wanting around the $2500 mark, Or trade for a decent holden gemini, Or suprisingly enough, i would swap for an EFi newer style car thats an automatic hatchback or similiar, must be small AUTO and 4cyl, Missus needs a new car so that opens the trading field up to a few more people perhaps (95^ excel /94^ charade/94^ starlet/) u get the idea. Hope that helps
  9. Vehicle information: KE55 Corolla 4 Door RWD Condition: Excellent Price: EOI -=- I will trade for a decent HOLDEN GEMINI. Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW (4hours from goldcoast, 6hours from sydney) Contact: [email protected] - 0413554497 - PM If you have followed my threads i have purchased this Rolla recently and got stuck straight into any and all problems/issues with the vehicle. I am still in the process of getting it up to my standards, hence the EOI as it wont be able to sell for it for another few weeks, also gives interested buyers time to secure money for purchase. Extra Info: #1: Car has been re-sprayed approx 3 months ago, refer to pictures. #2: 1.3L, 4spd manual gearbox #3: Extractors, Also has some stupidly large Cannon on the end of the car which makes it stupidly loud. i can't be assed removing it. i enjoy the disgusted looks from little old ladies when i accelerate ! #4: Bosskit and racing wheel #5: Has dished rear wheels #6: Custom rear parcel shelf for 6x9's #7: Fresh headgasket, new points, Just done timing(well, its being done in 2 hours at mechie) #8: RUST FREE Happy to take pics of ANY part of the car to prove me wrong:) #9: 9 months NSW full registration Now, for pictures!
  10. Yeah I'm suspect on that being the case, had it happen in a number of holden geminis that ive owned. Might just leave it for new owner to tackle, Radiator is being treated currently, seems to be holding up well now! I'm going to get my mechie to do timing and then up for sale we go! Just need to add together my total spendings and determine a price. :bash: (and now discovered highbeams don't work,I'll fix that too!)
  11. Sorry guys thought i updated the thread. After double checking everything i had new starter motor fitted, the old one came out *in 2 pieces* Issue sorted, still getting mildly warm if u keep it up around 100kph, think radiator now needs a treatment to clear away any gunky bits that have formed in the gills So ive now Replaced headgasket Adjusted tappets Installed new points Repaired blinks Repaired starter motor Sorted out why I'm losing dash lights, and parker lights is simply a loose connection(yet to solve fully) Now to do this radiator so the car runs sweet and cool. Also just discovered my heater lines are cut and blocked off. so soon will be sourcing new heater hoses. And still need a CD player installed. So far spent in excess of $700 on various repairs and parts and labour. Almost there!!! :bash:
  12. Ah well, $135 fitted and this starter was as good as new. This guy has starters for damn near every make and model sitting in his garage, quite a sight. O.T - My car now starts off its key, the old starter was in 2 pieces when he pulled it out, problem solved, but omg..
  13. After hunting around several auto dismantlers/wreckers... ive become aware that sourc'ing parts for my rolla via conventional methods just wasn't working. Simply no wrecker had a starter motor for a KE55, one even had the cheek to laugh at me. So ive sourced a private auto eletrician who rebuilds them in his spare time, the guy has them lined along his garage walls every for every car. I'm being charged $105 for the new starter, in fully rebuilt and showroom condition ( perfect, shiny :dance: ) and he offered to fit it for an extra $30. By no means am i bragging about the price, but if anyone else has issues like me in sourcing parts, i can supply a number for this starter-motor rebuilder on request. Now, I'm off to spend $135 and pray to god my car starts off the key afterwards. if not my car is sitting in an auto electricians garage, hehe!! win win.
  14. Runs like a dream when i jump start it, tho admittedly havent put a timing light over it yet, yet it runs smooth as silk when its up and pumping. Ill begin testing the earths as u described tomorrow slapper, i believe its high time i chucked a full sickie from work, this is cause for it. I'm quite positive the battery clamps arent the issue, they are in great condition, its either starter motor or the earthing, my mechie is quite sure its the starter, tho I'm still hesitant about ripping the motor half down and then finding out that wasnt the issue! Will keep you guys posted Raining atm, so hoping sun comes out tomorrow.
  15. Cancel the pics, i convinced my local mechie to spare 15mins of his time for, legend even lets me book up on an account:) Once i source the issue here ill get back to you guys with the solution, that is naturally IF he can find the issue. Once again thankyou to all who take thier time out to help a fellow rolla owner. I'm going to fix this rolla up if it kills me, then sell it to one of u blokes, and probably get stuff all for it :cool: CARS!