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  1. Ill get some pics of the rust up tomoz.
  2. Hey guys, Have a car here i was going to use as a project but realistically don't have the time or money to fix it up. Its an 84' slanty front, Paint on the roof, bonnet and boot and in average condition. 4k is a 4speed manual. Car reads just over 200k on the odometre. The motor runs smooth, does not blow smoke, starts well etc. Good oil, coolant bla bla. Car has rust in the boot, not around the bottom of the rear quarters, but around the sil on the boot liner, which has been repaired shoddily by the last owner. Apart from rust, the car is very straight. Mechanically, only thing wrong is the front wheel bearing (i think) which is making some noise. Comes with plenty of interior spares. I bought the car for $500 with alot of heartache, excluding spares. Having said that price is $500 no offers. Car has no rego and require a full blueslip if it was going to be re-regoed.
  3. Hey guys, i got a straight ke70 with 4k, 4speed manual and everything. Has rust in the boot like nearly all of them, and does not have rego, would need a blueslip. To pass blueslip, all it would need is: fix a tail light fix up rust in the boot (otherwise the car is pretty much rust free everywhere else). one of the front wheel bearings is on its way out. I was going to use it as a project and still might, but id love to get myself a twincam hatch again. Really miss mine, and would love it as a daily. Anyways this is more of an EOI i guess as well as a WTB thread. Your Location: hornsby area sydney Contact: [email protected] Cheers!
  4. Wtb Ke70/ae71 Boot! Sydney Asap

    Is the lock hole okay? like not damaged or anything? i have a lock but my current boot is rooted where the lock needs to sit.
  5. Wtb Ke70/ae71 Boot! Sydney Asap

    bump anyone? anyone wrecking?
  6. Parts Desired: Boot + lock etc Your Location: Sydney NSW Contact: pm me, or [email protected] Cheers guys :P