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These instructions are seriously out of date. Just PM me for info


For subscription options and fees please check here (you will need an account):


Please ensure that you read and understand this post before subscribing to or posting in the Sponsors (or "Commercial Traders") area as a commercial trader.



Rollaclub prefers PayPal as this will provide you with instant access once the payment has been processed by PayPal. While Paypal does charge Rollaclub transaction fees it does not require direct action from an administrator and frees them up for other tasks so we feel this is a worth while trade off. If you need support or assistance with your transaction for any reason please contact [email protected] Please note that Rollaclub reserves the right to terminate or deny an application or payment to use this advertising area (e.g Fraudulent Advertisers). Rollaclub will refund any monies paid less fees incurred by Rollaclub in this event. Money paid is non-refundable for non-use or any other reason.


Rollaclub does provide the facility for Direct Deposit on subscriptions longer than 1 month. As this process can be resource intensive for Rollaclubs Admin we provide it as an option only on longer subscriptions so as to avoid a checking transactions repeatedly and frequently. Account details will be provided upon subscription application via PM or email manually.


Threads will remain easily visible for 30 days from creation date.

After 30 days threads will be automatically filtered out of the topic list.

Threads are ordered by creation date.


Should you need a thread to remain visible for longer than 30 days (for example, group buys) please contact myself to pin the thread. Threads will remained pinned until you request otherwise, provided you maintain a current subscription. Rollaclub will pin one eligible topic per trader, more by special request only.\


Please quote your ABN either within your posts in the Sponsors area or for a fool-proof method insert it into your signature.


Thread numbers are currently not hard limited however Rollaclub asks you give other traders a fair-go. This means not flooding the forum with multiple posts at once when they could be combined into one post or posting in such a way as to disadvantage another trader. Rollaclub administrators will be the final arbiter and may delete or merge threads which are deemed to be excessive or otherwise in violation of this policy. There should be no reason anyone would need more than 5-10 threads in a 30 day period depending on the total number of advertisers.


You MUST NOT post in other traders threads within the Sponsors forum. If you wish to deal with them please do so privately via PMs.



Extra advantages a Commercial Traders subscription entitles you to:

Place an advertisement in your signature and/or avatar provided it meets our general guidelines. This only applies while you have a current subscription (your Group will be "Sponsor").


Please note that a Commercial Traders subscription does NOT entitle you to:

Bypass our "no peddling policy" (so no pushing products in threads outside of the "Market Place" group of forums)

sending members unsolicited advertisements (spam) via the PM or email systems. This is grounds for immediate subscription termination.

Continue trading in existing threads after your subscription has expired and they have passed their 30 day expiry.




Also note that subscriptions are not billed recurringly, you will need to select and pay for a new package with each expiration. My apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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