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Sq Engineering- 4age Compatable Clutch Lines + 20v Parts

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Hi guys, looks like a am a new sponsor for now.


I have purchased a bulk set of clutch lines that will fit around the extractors of a 4age engine and support full ADR approval. The normal rubber line from the car body's hard line to the clutch master on a 4age engine will not work in a 4age conversion because it goes directly in the path of the extractors. This gets around the problem by not only being made for a much tougher and heat resistant material but they also feature a banjo fitting on the end to come off the slutch slave at 90 degrees. These also fit JDM bellhousings and give more around the steering shaft but arn't strictly needed like with people using an Australian T50 bellhousing.

















Firment of a simular model to my old heap, this line has been covered in grease+oil and has been kept very close to my extractors for about 4 years now without any signs of deteriation only grime that I should of cleaned!.





Depending on how these sell I might be ordering a new batch that has some green, purple or gold ends


Price is as follows:


Any colour line: $79


Compatable Banjo bolt with 2 copper washers: $8


Payment by direct deposit or cash prefered however paypal is an option on request. All purchases will receive a tax invoice.



I don't currently but I will have further details on my website shortly:









SQ Engineering

ABN: 76 939 052 083

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