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Shannons Supercar Showdown


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Shannons Supercar Showdown is back!


After a very successful first year, which included overseas awards and recognition, 7mate are proud to announce that the Shannons Supercar Showdown is back for another action-packed season of motorsport!


Last year’s winner, 17 year old Cameron Waters, became the youngest driver to ever attend the ‘Great Race’ AKA the Bathurst 1000. Waters piloted the Shannons Mars racing car with vigor, but sadly retired from the race. A great moment during the race was when Waters over steered heavily on exit, looping his V8 Supercar but managing to recover it with incredibly fast counter steering. Here’s a clip of the hairy moment.



The prize on offer this year is a huge one – the chance to drive a Kelly Racing V8 supercar at the historic 50th anniversary of the Bathurst 1000. The diverse choice of competitors for the second season will make this show even better than last year. They start from as young as 16, have travelled from all over the globe (from as far as Texas!) and cover both genders. The competition levels this year are going to be high.


There is a lot at stake, whether it is pride or the simple fact of winning the chance to be a part of an event that will go down in Australian Motorsport History! Dwindling down the competitors this year will be done via set tasks that each person will attempt. Simple challenges, such as re-sitting your driving test, have been thrown into the mix to make things a little bit interesting. Of course, there will be plenty of skidpan action and fast paced stuff to keep us budding motoring enthusiasts entertained.


But it’s not all about the drivers. YOU can get involved this year and doing so will put you into the running to win a Renault Megane RS250 Cup Challenge valued at $42,000 courtesy of Shannons and Renault. Click HERE to visit the homepage where you can enter the competition, read the competitors bios and catch up on previous episodes of the show you may have missed.


So who’s going to win and get to pilot the Kelly Racing V8 car this year? There’s only one way to find out. Catch the show on 7MATE at 1PM Saturday.


Catch all the episodes here to get up to date with what’s happening!



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