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I Need A Lift .....

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Hey guys and gals,


I haven't been on for an AGE and VIXEN now has a new home (in NSW).


I've just bought my daughter a car. However, it's in QLD (I'm in SA). I have booked our flights for next Saturday (15th June 2013) and we arrive into Gold Coast Airport in the morning.


My plan was to hire a car from the airport and drive us out to pick up the new car - in Toowoomba. But I've just discovered they won't let me drop the car off on Saturday afternoon because they close the office at 10.30am which is stupid IMO!


SO, I wondered if there was anyone here who might want to earn some cash and give the three of us a lift from the airport to Toowoomba? I'm willing to pay a fair price (IN CASH!). So if you're free on Saturday and you fancy a drive to Toowoomba, with three Adelaideans, send me a message and we can negotiate!


Lesley :)

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I've changed my flight to Brisbane and the owners are bringing the car to Ipswich, so I can now catch a train!



minus pssshhht!

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