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The Newest Member Of My Family Roland

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So i picked up the newest member of my family on saturday and have decided to name him Roland the KE10, its going to be a bit of a trip to get him back on the road so thought i might document a little. Also by my count he would be the fourth oldest ke10 on the site which is kinda cool.


Roland is just a shell at the moment and he suffers from a common problem with half finished projects FBF fabrication before funds.


The guy i bought him off was planning (for seven years) to put an SR20 in so got rid of all rust, resprayed, almost finished widening the tunnel, changed front struts to ke20? (might need someone to identify when i figure out how to upload pics from my phone) and a rollcage (thats going) as well as some totally sacriligious things like cutting the dash and welding on checker plate to put in gauges (douche) and chopping the lower front panel to accomodate an intercooler. He then promptly ran out of money. I think he should have read the starting a project post on here!


So on sunday i went on the hunt for some rockinghorse shit as i have seen someone put it on the forums and did a 10 hour round trip to bundaberg where i tracked down a guy with a rusted out 67 in his paddock and cut an original dash out as well as the front panel and a set of original front seats.


So i now have about as much stuff as possible besides and engine and box to get to work, for the sake of getting Roland back on the road where he belongs as quickly as possible I'm just going to drop a 4k and hopefully a 50k in (in the process of tracking these down)


So ill post some pics when i can but you wilk also probably see plenty of posts which go along the lines of "what the hell is this" and "i seem to be missing something" so I'm looking forward to picking your brains!


I think it seems fitting to put the first one of those up now, does anyone have a picture of their ke10 engine bay without the engine in so i can see what the factory mount locations looks like as i have a sneaking suspision mine have been moved forward but i don't know if thats a new crossmember from a later model or if its a intentional move for the future sr.


Thanks in advance, look foreard to cruising with you guys someday.

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