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#69 Ae112R Turbo Audio Setup

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Hi My name is Aaron and I own a 2001 Toyota Corolla Sportivo #69 - not only do I have 1 of 100 ever sold but very unique. I have installed the whole audio system myself due to all the experience I have had in the past. I have also custom built the sub box myself, Although I have not finished the boot interior yet. custom fiberglass plate yet it be built and installed.(Just Need to find the time)



Installed are 2 x Fusion Powerplant 12” Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer connected to Fusion Mono-Block Amplifier.




Fusion Powerplant Mono-Block Amplifier.




installed in parcel shelf are a pair of db drive S9-6C 6.5" Component Speakers / 400 Watts.



DS18 DS-T10 1.75" Bullet Tweeter Single installed in front doors connected to Schneider SPA9709i Amplifier.




Schneider Amplifier is using 4AWG and is also a 800w 4 Channel Amplifier.



Kenwood single din. I know It looks a bit untidy although I am still waiting for my fuel pressure gauge as it needs to match the other Auto meter C2 so I can make a custom panel for on top of the head unit. I have installed Blue LED lights in the dash to match the C2 Auto meter Gauges. when I can find some time I need to hunt down a White custom instrumental dash panel.






I have also installed 0 AWG Big 3 upgrade from Alternator to the primary Battery and ran 0AWG to the boot where I have installed a Optima Yellow Top D31A Battery. There is no need for engineer certificate for the battery location being in the boot as it is a Dry Cell Battery.



1 x 1.75 digital capacitor for extra Support on the electrical system.



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