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KE3X/TE3X parking brake switch wire/harness

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Hi folks,

Long time ago my '78 KE30 got fully taken apart for a paint job. Ever since the handbrake switch broke and never worked again. I managed to find a used one but I see that someone at some point also removed the wire that goes from the handbrake all the way to the main wiring harness. I have no clue where to connect the switch to. I'm guessing it's a ground wire and I've been doing some testing with the continuity/beep setting in a multimeter, but I've had no luck so far.  I checked the bulb behind the cluster and it's good.

If someone has a working handbrake switch and can take a few pictures for me of where it goes connected to or guidance on how to find the right lead, I'd really appreciate it. 

82215 is the wire in question (bottom diagram):


And here's what the switch looks like:



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Well, I managed to find it and here's the info in case someone at some point needs to know:

This is one of the two main harnesses that connects to the back of the cluster. The handbrake bulb goes in the socket marked with an arrow (bulb holder not in the photo as I was testing the bulb). The wires are red/white (ground) and blue/red (12v). We care about the red/white one:



If you follow this wire - which was surprisingly hard to do in such a simple car - it switches to another harness where it turns green/white. This is the unused plug I had under the dash, between the ventilation controls and the glovebox. You can see the accelerator lever that goes into the firewall just behind the plug, that'll give you some hints about location. The lead marked with an arrow is the one that connects to the handbrake switch. This green plug is probably already connected to something depending on the number of options your particular KE3X had:



Then you just simply need to connect the existing wire going from the handbrake lever or if it was removed (as it was my case), get a new one routed next to the transmission hump and connect it. Success!


Hope this helps somebody in the future. Let's keep forums from dying. Better to document things here than Reddit or (worse) Facebook groups.

Bonus: More success!



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