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Building My Ke20 4Age



building my ke20 it started 5 years ago when i started my apprenticeship and thought how cool they where and brought a 1973 KE20 for $1500 and drove it home from sydneyblogentry-5495-0-49976600-1337523919_thumb.jpg



3 years later and dragged it in the shed and now know what to do

i am writing this to help and give info to other people blogentry-5495-0-55592500-1337524013_thumb.jpg

got the motor out and box as one and painted the engine bay

sad to see the old box and motor go to sh#t



got the engine mounts made up and sat it in to see how it looks blogentry-5495-0-20745900-1337524223_thumb.jpg


the engine mounts blogentry-5495-0-84737200-1337524290_thumb.jpg blogentry-5495-0-61273600-1337524323_thumb.jpg



got the motor mounted to the box 4AGE to T40 box and a r31 shorten diffblogentry-5495-0-86604400-1337524390_thumb.jpg blogentry-5495-0-97982000-1337524449_thumb.jpg new starter and slave cylinder


wrapped the extractors blogentry-5495-0-27839800-1337524803_thumb.jpg


extractors sitting on blogentry-5495-0-47542600-1337524860_thumb.jpg


cleaned up the rocker covers and painted them blogentry-5495-0-70846500-1337524963_thumb.jpg


got the bad boys on the motor blogentry-5495-0-20485000-1337525062_thumb.jpg



motor and box sitting in gotta make up the box mount to the floor of the ke 20 will put pics up blogentry-5495-0-37654000-1337525125_thumb.jpg blogentry-5495-0-57519400-1337525221_thumb.jpg and this is where I'm up 2



its been a week or two since i updated thought i would post about it

blogentry-5495-0-13573200-1338282587_thumb.jpg so got the EK honda civic performance radiator with thermo fan

made holes in the bottom support rail and put in magna gromits and the it sat in and made up top brakets



put top and bottom hoses on



got the TRD leads from the states



push it out to clean up in the garage



got my gauges

oil, water, rpm,volts blogentry-5495-0-43787700-1338283301_thumb.jpg


now with the cross member i put plate on top and metal tube through chassie rail and then welded a plate on bottom side to reinforce it with a t40 cross member mount



stripped the insides and got the surge tank and pump and like to hook up got the motor almost wired up yay took some pics after stripping and cleaning it



so got all my parts for the surge tank set up and go it all done in the boot thought ill put some pics up

blogentry-5495-0-16349400-1338815025_thumb.jpgblogentry-5495-0-92217100-1338815053_thumb.jpgblogentry-5495-0-25850200-1338815087_thumb.jpg just got some more pics to help understand surge tank blogentry-5495-0-44277200-1339156324_thumb.jpgblogentry-5495-0-92183900-1339156347_thumb.jpgblogentry-5495-0-73599400-1339156365_thumb.jpgblogentry-5495-0-78329300-1339156387_thumb.jpg


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