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  1. hi looking for a 4agze cas happy to pay for a good one needs to ship to coastal nsw ... cheers
  2. hi guys I found a great site and guy from NZ he has the clear timming cover for the 4age 16v .. cheap to only $105NZD its www.mrpltd.co.nz .
  3. hi I'm looking for a full exhaust system for my ke70 corolla with a 4age 16v that has a cat and the one that is up over the diff .. cheers
  4. hi guys wondering do u need a cat converter for a 1984 ke70 4age 16v to pass engineering nsw .. thanks for your help
  5. thanks for your reply sorted my sh*t out it was only 1 of the 2 blue injector wires was running the signal wire hooked both up away she ran....
  6. hi guys I'm doing a ke70 4age tvis map sensor so its been to the auto elects and got all wired up and now i need to get it going it has it all injector pulse , spark, fuel .. sooooo i the motor i got had the dizzy 180 out turn it around and timed it off the wrong case marks but found out it just need to be facing upwards.. if i spray a tiny bit of start you bastard it chimes right up and idles but at like 2500 rpm and that ... if i touch the throttle body it dies so if i try and rev it . it dies ... i don't know what the problem is .. if anyone can help please kind regard locky thank you
  7. hey mate was wondering if your radiator top brackets are for sale cheers
  8. holly crap man been super busy with work and that for last 7 months or so .. nek minut u got this thing running congrats dude putting me to shame . hey how did the surge tank work out and the civic radiator ,.. got so much more passion right now to do my girl up
  9. hey man just realised i will need the engines mounts so the tail shafts are right distance but wont need the rwd manifold or water pipes cheers
  10. hey buddy how much for all bar the motor and mounts and the efi fuel set up cheers buddy
  11. Hey was wondering if u got the sc 12 supercharger cheers man
  12. Hey mate looking for one super interested is it for the map or air flow 4age cheers
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