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  1. $1600!!!???? I suggest finding a mate who can weld.
  2. i feel happy and sad seeing these pics...man i still miss this car, but love what you are doing with it! are you going to re-trim those s6 rx7 seats in cream?
  3. some tuff cars on this cruise, well done guys. any idea where the next one will be, keen to catch up again.
  4. needs to lose the bonnet protector as the clips stand out too much! standard height FTW.
  5. when i engineered the ke20 it needed a blue slip and a brown slip. got picked up on the lack of rubber pads on the brake pedal, but he didnt' notice the missing hazard switch, missing heater/demister, handbrake light and others.
  6. yeah, up to 1.9 litre turbo is allowed in NSW. Depending on the build, some get sr20det engineered too.
  7. bump. toymods thread says about 1pm, seems a little optimistic but who knows - depends on how many catch up points there are.
  8. bottom of bootlid, front of bonnet, spare wheel well, definitely check under the car for the chassis rail - good call KEhendo.
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