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  1. wow nice corolla mate! is that your colt galant in the other pic? got any more pics on that? are you a member of sigma-galant.com?
  2. sun visors uncracked? if so how much to hobart tas?
  3. Hmm anyway of getting a contact number for me?
  4. White calding south of hobart way?
  5. Who si? Still looking! My number is 0437866373 don't get on here much!
  6. Hey, after another ke20 anyone have any leads? Havent seen anyforsale for a long time, must be a neat example... Anyone know of my old one?
  7. lathes arent the best for machining flywheels, they wont remove hard spots cleanly, it takes more than 5 mins to machine one aswell. best to surface grind them
  8. you want ke20 struts? what you willing to pay?
  9. if the discs are glazed they will squeal. measure the discs and if they are machinable get it done, chamfer the edges of the pads and glue them in with silicone to the caliper.
  10. cheers for the radio surround :)
  11. yeah no worries mate, its Lorne.
  12. bring it to me at G&D in kingston mate. sounds like a wheel cylinder issue
  13. seen quite a few tyres like this on customers cars, usually quite dangerous
  14. sounds like your tappet clearances need adjusting badly, unless you have a kombi air cooled engine?? :P
  15. every engine is different, put it on a dyno with a wideband and do it propperly.
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