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  1. mine is back on the road at last still a few issues, namely the cluncking i get when driving straight or turning left (goes away when turning right) hopefully its just the worn rack end moving about, that'll be going soon anyway
  2. well everything is bolted back in just waiting on my new driveshafts (coming from sydney) and i'm away come on aus post!
  3. someone off boostcruising came and finished it off for me (took him all of 10 mins lol) he took the flywheel to get machined too so once that is done i could have a functioning car (bar the lack of cv's and tierod ends
  4. fingers crossed the gti is back together by then i'll have about 4 days to reassemble after i get back from qld
  5. well i managed to separate the gearbox from the motor but its still holding onto it by the input shaft despite all my wiggling and levering might be borrowing an engine crane, just getting a bit over it, i just want it back on the road so i can use it
  6. mine has been undergoing renovations for a couple of weeks now its up in the air (kinda) with no front driveshafts, tie rod ends and a lot of stuff unbolted on another not totally unrelated note, will someone give me a hand getting the gearbox out? (its an ae92 with a 4age) send me a pm, i'm willing to pay in money or beer at this stage
  7. having a shitfight getting the gearbox out of my ae92 dam mounts are bolted through the crossmember and the k frame but i just found a walkthrough so i'll try it a different way tmrw
  8. did a little more fixing today screwed the dashmat to the dash, fixed a couple of exhaust leaks and put the boot carpet back in now just need new cv's, rack ends, tie rod ends and to change the clutch :(
  9. Hey guys Thought this would be interesting to see what people are up to and doing with their cars _____________________ I just grabbed another alternator for my ae93 for $50 hopefully this one lasts longer than the last one
  10. pretty sure it was only $20-30 from supercheap for mine
  11. anyone got a 4age alternator? need one to suit an ae93 pref near launceston
  12. anyone got the stock battery tie down for an ae92/93? none of the cars at the wreckers had them
  13. yeah i was tossing it up but ended up leaving them the car only has to last a couple of years and i've got another car so it can be off the road again would have like to do them all but i couldn't be bothered at the time
  14. so my ae93 gti had a leaking welsh plug just removed it and i'm deciding to replace the others at the front of the motor too should i do it while i'm there or just leave them? they don't look corroded at all but should i replace them or not?
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