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  1. partsgiveaway

    Oil cooler package

  2. partsgiveaway

    Ke70 Shifter boot

    KE70 shifter boot, untorn .Contact via PM. Price :Free Location: Sydney, Nsw
  3. partsgiveaway

    4Age Small Port 7 Rib Block.

    Wanted: 4age 16 Valve Small port 7 rib Block or engine with the Head oil return fitting.Prefer std original block unbored or decked.Send PM if you can help.
  4. partsgiveaway

    4.3 Ratio Borgwarner Diff.

    If Required I have a KE55 4.3 borgwarner diff to swap for a KE70 4.3 ratio Borgwarner Diff . Or Cash.
  5. partsgiveaway

    4Age Camtech 272 8.6Mm Shim Under Bucket Mod Or Not?

    Using engineering blue on the std shim turn the installed cam one complete turn and you will see contact/wipe area of the lobe.Odds on it will wipe all the way off the edge of the shim with this amount of lift and will require under bucket Shims.HKS 8.35 mm lift cams wipe just shy of the shim edge.If the cam lobe wipes to the very edge the shim will rock and will spit out the side.
  6. partsgiveaway

    4.3 Ratio Borgwarner Diff.

    Wanted: Ke70 4.3 ratio Borgwarner Diff (8 bolt pressed steel rear cover) as fitted to Auto cars. Send PM if you can help.
  7. partsgiveaway

    Weber Dcoe Manifold

  8. partsgiveaway

    Weber Dcoe Manifold.

  9. partsgiveaway

    Weber Dcoe Manifold.

    K Engine, Weber DCOE Manifold For Sale. See Link:
  10. partsgiveaway

    Weber Dcoe Manifold

    K Engine, Weber DCOE Manifold For Sale. See Link:
  11. partsgiveaway

    4Age Bigport (Tvis) Head Wanted.

  12. partsgiveaway

    4Age Bigport (Tvis) Head Wanted.

    Hi Terry,You have PM.
  13. partsgiveaway

    Wanted Ke20 Complete Auto Pedal Box Assembly

    Hi Wade,Would you believe i had an entire auto ke20 pedal box complete untill last month.The good news is i have kept the steel pedal arm , rubber pad , pivot shaft/bushes and locking bolt (pedal box with arm took up too much cupboard space).The pedal box frame assy's are the same bar fitting the auto or manual arms into them( i know this from wasting my time swaping out a complete auto pedal box for a manual when i could of slipped the manual pedals into the auto pedal box frame).If interested let me know.Regards,Greg.