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  1. I tried selling them a couple years ago with no takers. Seem people are only keen of its free. Wheels have been picked up. Moderators feel free to close this thread. Thanks, J
  2. Hey guys, my dad is nagging me to get rid of some odd ends at his house. Here we have 5 x 14" Kidney Bean Rims to suit KE3x/55/7x Tires are shagged but the rims are good. Would rather see them go to a good home instead of the tip (which I will be doing next week if I have no interest) Stud Pattern: 4 x 114.3 Price: FREE Location: Pick Up Browns Plains QLD, Or Coorparoo Qld (Southside of Brisbane) Contact: John on 0415 393 835 via text or phone or Email [email protected] I work evenings so I wont be answering calls after 6pm, so text is best. Please don't reply here as I don't have time to come on to check the messages sorry.
  3. Sweet as mate!! Wagon or sedan? Might as well post an update. Took it back to the mechanic and had them sort some issues. Almost got close to sending it back to original specs. Firstly there was a rattle out back that the mechanic said was a loose strut. He also said one of the front struts was loose too. I had a few concerns, one of which was a tangy smell I was smelling mainly when I was backing into my garage. Turned out when I had booked the car in before my Easter trip they didn't replace the CV boot I had asked them to, plus the other boots weren't on tight enough. So there was grease spilling out onto my exhaust. My biggest concern was a clunking sound I was hearing while driving on the highway, or taking off from stationary. It sounded very much like it was coming from the LHF CV. They had taken it for test runs and the car wouldn't make the sound, so jacked the car up and invited me under to discuss some concerns. They showed me all the grease under the car, so we were going to replace all the CV boots with new ones, but they thought the angle of the CVs were a bit extreme and weren't sure that they were right for the car. In the end it turned out that my LHF CV was missing a circlip and that was the clunking sound I was hearing. So sadly that cost me a whole new CV joint :( So at the moment it seems to be running fine, tho that smell is still lingering :( Might pop underneath to have a look or take it back next week if its still leaking grease :S
  4. Yeah I know lOl I'm thinking i might let the mechanic handle it since they were the last to touch it. I had to send it to the mechanic anyway before the trip last week cause of the leaky strut,
  5. Yeah good, I got to drive it off road a couple times too :P There is a squeak/rattle in the rear passenger tire area tho. So am thinking of getting that checked out.
  6. Well i've finally done something about the hight of the wagon!! Firstly I increased the hight by changing the tire profile, cost me heaps but happy with the end result. Then last week I changed the suspension over to the Subaru Outback suspension before my easter road trip.. Front... +73mm Rear... +80mm So I've gained roughly around 100mm - 120mm in total from the suspension and tire upgrades!! :D So here is the comparison of the struts. The fronts... The rears... We had difficulties fitting these as the "upper link" was at full range and was hitting the underbody. So we ended up using the shocks from the Outback, with the thinner springs from the Liberty as they were easier to compress... Here is the end result :P The clearance underneath the car. (more clearance than my mates Challenger!!)
  7. Thanks mate!! You should come to the next trip man!!
  8. So this is how it turned out on the camping trip... And now for the next enhancement!! So to make doing the dishes a little more comfortable. I've decided to do a double sink... Before... Making out the new hole. I've noticed there is a little bit of play with the original sink in the hole. So the new hole will be tighter for one special reason... Attaching the cut out from the new hole to the cut out from the original hole (now the cutting board). Notice the different sizes?... The two holes now... How the double sink will look... And when one sink is not in use, the cutting board can slot over the hole and lock in place... And lastly did some general repairs. I knew gluing and nailing would undo eventually so now i've screwed the bracing underneath in...
  9. Thanks man. Could have done with more coats of stain, but oh well.
  10. Okay so here is the finished product... So I ʞ©$ɟed up. I drilled holes, i routed a groove into the trim of the original bench to only realise that I had done it on the wrong side :S On the bright side at least it can be reversed if needed. But anyway here is what it looks like now... And lastly I added a tea towel rack. Ready for the new years camping trip now!! :D
  11. Slight update... Well i've applied the stain... And now the clear coats... Almost ready for next weekend!
  12. Okay so the New Years camping trip is fast approaching and until now this has been my camp kitchen. Now once I put my cookers out (on the left) there is no space to prep anything... So I've devised an extension... And this is how it'll look once pieced together...
  13. Wow dude!! She's come a long way!! Keep it up. Look forward to cruising together some time. And our Rollaclub camping trips are turning into Subaru camping trips :P
  14. You mean the one I told you about this weekend? Its Borumba Deer Park
  15. Had a great time guys, also the 29th sounds great for a long weekend camp!! And I'll work on the facebook page soon. Any ideas for a name?
  16. That's it!!! It's time to put some pants on so that you'll stop drooling!!
  17. I'm here and all set up. It's so hot!! Please call me or text me. I lost all numbers is the 'Great Nokia Crash' of 2012!!
  18. Feeling HOT HOT HOT!! Hope it stays hot and dry!! I'm out, night all...
  19. So take it its pretty much just the usuals? No newbies?
  20. Might see if Dougie wants to cruise in together. Aww no Lesbians :( I'll do my best to put the "Camp" into camping trip for you all :P: So what time is everyone hoping to get there? Round midday?
  21. Not long now. Anyone cruising in together from Brisbane?
  22. Na sorry I don't ay. :( Oh and I've rigged up my impact driver so I can wind the trailer up and down faster :P:
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