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  1. WANTED: TOYOTA COROLLA KE 35, 55 COUPE'S ONLY. Looking for a good condition Rolling shell, (Could be Non-running a registered car) doesn't have to immaculate but it needs to be straight (Very little rust if any) and must have atleast 99% of the interior and exterior. Not fussed about the Engine condtion. COUPES ONLY. $2500.00 Just for the sake of price. CONTACT DETAILS HERE: http://www.gumtree.c...-e30/1087079992 LOCATION: LAUNCESTON Only looking locally for now. I also have an AE86 that I would consider Trading. AE86 Rolling Shell: Complete Exterior (Bars, Hatch, lights, Glass, Bonnet, Window trims, Zenki Lip⁄Side Skirts etc) New windscreen. Has had a full Respray, but still needs a lot a of work to make it perfectly straight. The interior is 90% Complete, Has Mr2 Driver and passenger Seat. Can Come with a Brand new JDM Tank. This would suit somebody that is planning on building a track Car or somebody that is Capable⁄willing to put in the work to make it a Tidy Street Car. I am trying to recover some of my lost finances in this build (Due to a dispute with the Spray Painter that painted this Car), So I am asking for EOI only at the moment.
  2. WANTED: TOYOTA COUPES CELICA OR COROLLA RA/TA25/28, SA63/RA65 COUPE (NOT LIFTBACK) KE36/KE51/KE55. Would consider something similar to any of these. Let me know what you have, Preferably Something non running, complete interior/exterior with good body work. $1000.00 for the sake of a price. I have an AE86 project that could be negotiated in a Trade if needed. Location: Launceston, willing to travel statewide. Not sure any Tassie Lads use Rollaclub anymore, but I thought I'd give it a go. Thanks to whoever owns the Red 55 for the Pic.
  3. JDM WATERLINES, FROM WATER PUMP BACK (Just the two lines that run towards the back of the head): $85 Posted. ADM AE86 GRILL: $85 Posted. 200mm 8kg Coilover springs 62mm ID: $40 Posted. BIGPORT HEAD GASKET WITH HEAD STUDS: $40 POSTED. ADM RADIATOR: $20 + POST. PICS: http://s1332.photobucket.com/user/li...?sort=3&page=1 TAS Alex. 0458042937.
  4. 4 x 14x6 WATANABE A type rims, these are in great condition with a couple of tiny unnoticeable nicks in the rim and they are painted in satin black. 4x114.3 14x6 +16 I'm after $400.00 for the set locally. Shipping is roughly: $50.00 for the set to Victoria, and $80.00-$90.00 to QLD, NSW, SA, or WA. Alex Location: TAS If pics are needed contact me or click this link... http://s1332.photobu....?sort=3&page=1
  5. 14x7 +8 MA61 Supra wheels, these are in good original condition with a full set of Centre caps and no gutter rash at all. I would be willing to ship at the buyers expense. $300.00 Negotiable (with cash adjustment either way if necessary) Also, it is probably an unlikely swap but i would also swap this whole set of wheels for a PAIR of 14x7/ 14x7.5 A or B type Watanabe Wheels (Would consider a set of 14x7/14x6.5 A or B type) Alex 0458042937 Location: TAS If pics are needed contact me or click this link... http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/blackstone-heights/wheels-tyres-rims/4-x-ma61-wheels-14x7-4x114-4/1029494409
  6. Trying to gather funds to put my car on the road so need to get rid of some things. 4age, Big port, sold 4agze Big port Manifold: $35 $45 Posted Accellerator and Brake pedal: $5 each Gearbox stays 4A-T50: Sold 4A RWD Sandwich plate (between engine and gear box): $30 Posted AE86 Fuel Door: $15 posted Inner mirror covers: $15 a pair posted Aurora AE86 Springs (AJPS Springs) 6kg 215mm: $100 Locally, $130 posted anywhere in Aus. (would prefer to swap for 4-4.5kg rear springs. Std Length T18/AE86/KE70/71 rear springs: $15 $30 posted 2 x 4ac's alternators and manifolds $100 for the pair. Pictures aren't working for me at the moment. But here is a link with them. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/legan...ngs/1019156191 Here are some interior bits and also a pair of doors. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/legan...rts/1020433213 Willing to ship at buyers expense. Location: TAS Alex 0458042937
  7. No i don't have any of this bar... There is nothing distinct about it which is a bummer... Its just a straight, black ADM bar...
  8. Any information on the where abouts of my ADM 86 front bar and Keys would be grately appreciated... Or even better, the return of my items would be much more useful, seeing as it is just another set back for me to get my car on the road, i don't have great deal of money to purchase another one let alone pay for my ignition and doors to be re-barrelled... These items were taken from Invermay Rd, someone has jumped the fence where my car is stored and retrieved the front bar and removed the keys from my non-running car... Anyway I'm i little pissy about it, so if this message gets the filth that clearly wanted these items more than i did, would you kindly return them before somebody lets me know exactly who did it... I really doubt this will achieve much, but its worth a try, i mean what other use is there for an 86 bar other than what it was intended for... So there is a slight chance this will work with peoples co-operation... PM if you have any information please. Cheers, Alex.
  9. Niether sorry mate, unfortunately the rear seat belts are one of the few things i left in my old car when i scrapped it, since then i have been asked if i have rear seat belts an awful lot!!! Sorry i can't help mate.
  10. AE86 INTERIOR: Asking between 5-15$ a piece, the more pieces you buy the cheaper it will be. T18 struts: SOLD WEBER 32 36: SOLD Prices are negotiable, just let me know what you are after. If you have anything Corolla/AE86/4age related that i might be interested in, i may be willing to swap, let me know what you have. Willing to post. Alex. 0458042937
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