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  1. SLO-030

    1jz Ke55

    Love checking in on this build when I can. Top work mate. Also, in reference to the reply above, love how RC still has the "of questionable quality" filter.
  2. Hell yeah. Will be getting a Walbro 460 pump in the next week or so. Then slap some rego on the AE92 sitting in the shed and pull this off the road for a week or 2 while I wire it up and get it tuned. 460 will give me enough breathing room for when I get the flex fuel sensor and have a play with E85. Getting keen!
  3. So, Today was like Christmas in August! Being a Fitter and Turner by trade, I'm in love with the Billet Performance Parts billet fuel rail. Too damn sexy to be hidden in an engine bay..
  4. I know, right!? I hear they're all getting impounded these days ;)
  5. Cheers mate. 35r has a .82 rear housing on it so lag is plentiful. Boost creeps on from around 3-3.2 and full boost at 4.5-4.7k Converter should let me get it up on boost. PS2000 has the ability to control antilag/launch control. That will be fun to have a play with.
  6. Hey guys, been a while since I've kicked around here. Have moved to slightly bigger chassis than the old KE's, although I still have my 7K KE25 sitting in the shed. Here's the new whip. 1992 GLX MX83 Cressida. Part GLX and part Grande interior, Grande 3.9 LSD, Camry GXP 17" wheels. Also, replacing the stinky old 7MGE head gasket muncher is this little package, Standard 1JZ from a Z30 Soarer, running standard twins, JZX81 ECU and JZX81 auto with a MV autos stage 1 shift kit. Went really well and pushed 160rwkw. So standard twins and 160rwkw was alright, did a decent skid and all... Then a little combo popped up on eBay, so I made it mine. Garrett GT35r, ETM ceramic coated highmount manifold, Tial 44mm external wastegate, screamer pipe and braided oil & water lines. Got the twins stripped off, turbo fitted and plumbed, made the dump pipe with twin O2 ports (one for standard sensor and one for the AEM wideband) and piped it into the hotside of the JZX81 FMIC. That's it so far. Currently running around 220-230rwkw @ 18psi with he standard ECU and a HKS FCD. On the wa as of today is a Haltech PS2000, Yaris coils w/ Golbeys adaptor plates, Bosch 1000cc Injectors, BPP top feed fuel rail and a Turbosmart FPR. Aiming for 300rwkw. Will have an MV's 3,000rpm stall converter coming soon. Cheers :)
  7. To suit rebuild. Unsure of Km's, but not a high km motor. Out of a Soarer.
  8. As the title states, one 1UZ-FE motor to suit rebuild + Converter and A340 trans to suit. Bought motor to put into KE30, but far too busy to even get started. $900 negotiable. Located In South Adelaide Contact via txt only on 0419 849 07five.
  9. Yep, T04. That it the turbo off the old setup, will be getting a new one to the same specs. Gating will be left to a 38mm Tial MVS with screamer. Positioning of the gate will be done after I've welded the rest
  10. VN Commodore wagon rear shocks work well. I had Pedders sports ryder short stroke versions in my KE38, were awesome. Pedders part number: 3008
  11. What's going on here? ;)
  12. As per the Title, Hilux/Hiace G series diff G282 (4.3:1, Open center, 2 Pinion) Complete, drum to drum. 165,000km showing on odometer when removed from vehicle. $300. Pickup from Lonsdale, SA. Will deliver for a fee. Will freight, if you organise it!
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