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  1. Hey mate can u post interior pics please and pics of her rust.and Of dash and front seats will it pass pits in current condition . Also is the diff been wielded.cheers
  2. Hey guys both are sold as of last night. Thanks for the interest. Mouth was dry and had the shakes when the 38 left :( :(
  3. Yeah mate I have one broken and the other good condition. Pretty hard to come by. Have previously tried to find some. I think a user (rollandy) Has a set. Or possibly get some made up not too complicated. KE55 has sold sorry guys. Still have the 38....
  4. Only thing I would want is the 4k. Where u located. Shoot me a pm cheers
  5. as above have two corollas sitting in my driveway that need to go\ LOCATED CANBERRA first up 1981 ke55 corolla cs 4k-c k40 gbox was heating up when i bought it...found the sucker it was a dirty welch plus took the carby and manifold all off to get at it...thats as far as i got:) green not much rust no rego or is it been registered in awhile bought as a project but just don't have the time...rust in the usual spots just rear end above tires that i can see drove this all the way from melbourne a couple months ago on a permit took me 10 hours but the beast made it no probs haha has circle lights with a ke30 grill so I'm told ) interior is ok seats are good cond brown in colour material not vinyl good carpet, crack in the dash unmolested cluster about 160 odd thou kms brakes are ok...could do with new fluid and a bleed next up have a ke38 1979 cs corolla wagon used as my daily up untill a couple weeks ago is registered untill the 23/11/13 in the nsw took it over the pits but it failed has rust in a few places around rear window side windows and all under the bonnet aswell as in the front strut towers,,,has had a rough life to say the least and been touched up with house paint to keep it looking smooth lowering blocks need to come out and front left bushes need replacing...pretty bad so my mechanic tells me overrated interior no cracks in the dash has a hole cut out for cd player shit job has an ok 4k but needs the points to be cleaned up/replaced carby could do with a tune aswell...doesnt overheat has factory air con aswell needs gas though...has black seat covers do the job,,the seats underneath are ugly but its ok....carpets good except one hole on drivers side white in colour.. tires good tread...could be overrated for parts/glass etc... need em gone it says state a price so for the 38 id say 400 bucks you can drive this one home the green one owes me 1000 bucks and will need a trailer to pick up not really keen on parting out.but you can throw me a TEXT ONLY on zero four 22794546 or pm me as i tend to float around gawking at the forums, will upload some photos when i get to a comp next..which will be thursday night :D or i can text em to ya after 2 weeks i will most prolly rip the good 4k out of the 38 and put it in the 55 then take the shell to the tip..and pull the 4k out of the 55 and give it a rebuild for fun cheers rolla club stay dirty
  6. Not sure if i am to post in this section but my cars CHG light stays on and idles good.then i pull my handbrake lever up and the car idles rough and eventually dies.....unless choke is up...is this elec or something else TIA
  7. thank for the reply havnt been to the computer much...the seirra shocks do the job any specific year or all pretty generic? will pop into a shop hopefully next week when the funds are a there and the mrs says so...haha....as for pics i don't have any as of yet but will post some up hopefully tomorrow...just sourced some 50mm king springs for the front which arrived today and just wondring if i need to change shocks for those aswell??? any help appreciated
  8. ok havnt checked the points as off yet but beisdes giving them a good clean what should they be set at?would it also be good to get some more?have a reco'd dizzy that i can chuck in but not sure if that will solve the problems I'm having :update have seem to got it running pretty good (idle and spulterring however as soon as i pull up the handbrake it starts idling rough again with the CHG light staying on don't know enough about cars to fix this problem without some advice.....last resort would be to send it to my mecanic to give it a a once over TIA
  9. Hey mate. Will give it a once over tonight after work cheers. . Another mate of mine just told to slightly adjust idle and mixture screws at the same time until it runs smooth again. At the mo it is what it looks like is pumping a lot more gas into the carb than air.
  10. Hey guys. My 4k was running abit rough. So decided to give carb a bit of a tune up. Had it running overrated (well pretty gud). Then I turned what I think was the idle screw clock wise and it stalled.?? (Long slotted head one with a spring) adjusted it back but when I started it it sounds like it way too Rich. Spluttering out the muffler revs were ok aswell just yeah got me stumped. Any ideas not sure what I've done wrong. Keeper having a play with it. Then checked timing and that was now abit out. So I redone that and yeah I'm all out of ideas. Oh and now the CHG light stays on
  11. Hey guys just a question. Just lowered the wagon. And now need shock shocks and the old ones are pretty shot. Just wondering is there and specific ones you guys would recommend and can I just get any rear shocks or is there ones specific to the car/year whatever. Thanks in advance
  12. anybody with box of parts out there need a few things....4k engine and a new carb webber or what not cheers
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