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  1. Celica Ra40

    bump! 800 dollars, please give this car a chance, would make a great project
  2. Celica Ra40

    bump 1000$
  3. Celica Ra40

  4. Celica Ra40

    bump link to gumtree ad: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/prospect/cars/toyota-celica-ra40/1000931004
  5. For Sale Ma61 Supra Wheels

    uhh i need fixed back, stock s13 wheels, intercooler, boost controller thats about it at the moment. otherwise cash is good :)
  6. Celica Ra40

    for sale is my ra40, it has a blown motor, body is in near perfect condition, never been in a accident, one tiny rust patch, extractors, straight pipe with muffler, new battery, new alternator, cd player, lowered king springs, new master cylinder and brake pads, heavy duty clutch, reco gearbox, 32/36 webber and mag wheels interior is very clean, make a good project 1200$ call: 0420 610 436
  7. Selling Ke 55 Corolla

  8. HAHAHAHAH a vp for both? worth a try
  9. Ra40 Gt Grill

    Hey guys I'm desperately looking for a Gt celica grill for my ra40, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. Ra40

    Hey guys just bought my first ra40 and I'm keen to throw in an 18rg but I'm struggling to find one... Anyone know a good place to look? Also what do you guys think is a good brake upgrade? And suspension upgrade? Thanks people
  11. New Ra40

    Hey guys I just bought my first ra40 and am keen to spend some coin on it.. Does anyone know where I can find an 18rg and how easy the conversion is? Also I want to make the brakes better and do the suspension the best possible way.. Any ideas? Cheers guys
  12. hey guys, i have my ke70 up for sale, its fitted with a 4age and all works fine, starter motor is buggered, has ae86 shocks and springs, sits pretty low... perfect for a drift project... I'm looking for 1200 no less so if anyone is interested to come have a look my number is 0420 610 436 cheers, giam sorry guys, must have slipped my mind, it is also defected :/ still a good bargain for a drift project or rebuild
  13. Starion 4G63 Rwd Turbo

    is it registered? anything wrong with the motor? where abouts is it located?