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  2. What are ke10's worth these days the prices vary from a few hundred to thousands whats the best way to value them?? If they are original or have had engine conversions what would be worth more? cheers
  3. open to serious offers PM me
  4. $350 the lot pickup only located in SYDNEY PM me
  5. Ive been thinking about this for a while and cannot understand why early mazda r100...ect are worth more than ke1X's!! Ke1x are alot harder to come by than the old mazdas yet the prices are way different! I thought rare cars hold a much higher value?? Will our corollas ever be worth what the mazdas are worth??
  6. Hi, Did the 68 ke10 corolla come out with red carpet (factory) Or red dash?? Cheers
  7. hey, did the ke10s come out of factory with a shelf under the dash hanging below glovebox ??? also did they come out with in car cooling fans (old skool air con) ?? like the ones used in motor homes or trucks?? cheers also my ke10 has no side mirrors or gaurd mirrors is this a factory look or am i missing them??
  8. hi, I'm in need of ke10 3 point seat belts or just buckle and original passenger seat railing. cheers
  9. hi! What would you guys prefer a immaculate condition ke10 with toyoglide or rough looking ke10 street racer that runs 11sec 1/4 mile times? originality or speed????
  10. hey guys I'm after ke10 chrome strips for the roof guttering on top of windows also chrome strip that runs across bottom of doors heres a pic for reference cheers
  11. wow ive started a debate :blinks: i have already restored a ke10 to nanna spec 2spd toyoglide k engine the thing is a great cruiser turns alot of heads but now I'm after one to build race spec the point of this thread was to get peoples input on if it would even be possible to build not if i could afford it or not, i will continue with my research and if i can get a game plan together this will happen but its still on the drawing board at the moment :hmm: i think if the setup is done properly anything is possible power to weight ratio would be insane thing would do impressive 1/4 mile times :yes: Thanks for the input guys
  12. Hi guys, Ok so i own a nanna spec ke10 and its coming to the point where I'm nearly finished restoring it! it is too original to cut it up so now il soon be on the hunt to get another ke10/11 time to go race spec :yes: I want everyones thoughts on my idea i want to know if its possible or has been done, I want to convert the ke10 to all wheel drive using celica GT4 running gear or from the corolla AWD station wagon, not decided if i wanna go rotary or black top 20v for engine but 4x4 FOR SURE if its possible i want to do this properly NOT budget! your input and help much appreciated :y:
  13. Still undecided on the visor :bash: has anyone got pics of ke10s with visors?
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