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  1. Made it into Hot4's issue 229! Waiting on the full feature in a few months
  2. Just a few snaps from the Slammed Ambitions (our new car club starting up) cruise the other day. Cruised to a few beaches then finished the arvo in the pub, was a lush day. Also just like to thank the people who have voted for my car for RCCOTY so far, much appreciated! :thumbsup:
  3. Just had a guy from Hot4's Mag from Melbourne do a full photo shoot on the Ke today, will be a full feature in 3 months. So stoked!
  4. Next on the list for the ke.....Boot install! Plan on boxing the boot out for some subs and things soon and i thought why not go all out, just need some dosh! it always seems to be the problem :laff: I recon i will continue with the same colour carpet and vinyl as inside to keep it flowing through. Will go with a false floor so i can display the amps in perspex boxes with some led's around them and also so i can put my PS1 in there. Why you ask? because PS1's are a bit old school and you just can't beat the games, Crash Bandicoot FTW! Would like to have 2 10" Rockford p3 subs on either side of the face with a small monitor in the middle for the PS1. Hope you gus like the idea, something different. Just have to start saving now haha
  5. Thanks alot man, yeah it takes alot of time and patience but its worth it. Appreciate it! :y:
  6. So on futher inspection we have found out that it has been crashed in the drivers side pretty hard before and the panel beaters have done a dodgey repair job. The whole drivers side inner guard has been pushed back and across wich has put the wheel 6mm back and the bolt holes for the guard are no were near lined up! So we had a talk to Dads mate who is a panel beater and he said the inner guard will have to be replaced to fix i properly. Then began the massive job of unpicking all the spot welds, removing it and replacing it with a new one then welding it all back in. Luckily my mate had one an old Ae71 in the backyard that was due for the crushers. We finished all that and took some more measurements only to realise the wheel was still back a bit because the rail was also a tad bent. So we worked out the cross member holes had to be slotted across to bring it right. Once all that was done it all measures up with in 1mm, so not to bad and now all the guard holes line up properly as well.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on a chin spoiler fo it?
  8. Thanks heaps guys! really appreciate it :y:
  9. Haha na the slanty front one was actually one of the nicest standard ones ive seen in Tassie in a long time, was so straight! The other one just had a heap of big dents in it. Thanks man! Yeah bit of a major job ay haha. Hahaha cheers man! Thanks bro :thumbsup:
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