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  1. Hi all As title says I'm after a KE55 diff Aus Borgwarner with 4.1 gears More complete the better Show me what you got Cheers Todd
  2. Have you still got the diff? Is it Aus style? And how much?
  3. Have you still got the diff? And how much?
  4. Hi all Away at work, sorry i haven't been on in a while, will try and do a write up soon and then when I'm home I'll take some snaps although some bits are in pieces from further mods Cheers Todd
  5. Hi all Recently I swapped out the engine in my KE55 with a 2TC, now I've bought myself a 38/38 Webber with mounting kit, my problem it by the look of it the electric choke is gonna just foul on the brake fluid reservoir. My question is has anyone fitted a smaller reservoir to their master cylinder or smaller individual reservoirs? Cheers Todd
  6. Hey all, yeah conversion is all done, sorry have been busy away with work, if anyone needs any pictures or has some questions let me know, was pretty straight forward though
  7. Just looking for some advice and maybe someone has done the same conversion and can help, doesn't matter either way, I'll still do the conversion but would like to know others experiences
  8. Yeah, picked the engine and gearbox up for cheap The old 4K is on her last legs and the extra displacement Will be good as I live in a hilly area is my reasoning Also in SA we don't have mod plates, it guess I'll just have to try and change It on the papers, any other thoughts?
  9. Hi all Looking to do a 2t conversion in me KE55 soon Was just wondering what the go would be with legality of the swap in SA? As it was in the TE5# would it just be a matter of changing the engine number or would it be required to go over regency? Cheers Todd
  10. Is it a piece of heat shielding that may bolt near cat converter or somewhere above the exhaust somewhere?
  11. Just drain the oil into a clean container and reuse it will be fine
  12. What about fitting TE35 flares?
  13. Sweet Taz, they look killer What trimming did you do? Mines mainly to keep the tyres in as the sigma lcas Push the bottom out, which caused me to get defected last time
  14. Just wondering what people run on there 55s And pics, as I need some flares I've herd of people running te27 flares with small mods But I want to see what people are actually running
  15. Shows you on the website But it comes with The pickup/module which is the little little red box and 2 wires, this is mounted on a base plate that simply bolts to the dizzy where ur points would And it also has a black ring, this slips over the dizzy cam (the part the the point runs on) this is the magnet that the pickup senses It also seems very important according to the website and the instructions they sent that ur coil must the correct resistance otherwise ur module/pickup will fail
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