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  1. Lachie113

    Back Wheel Bent Inwards
  2. Lachie113

    Back Wheel Bent Inwards

    its a 1998 corolla liftback, the bubble looking ones with circle lights
  3. hey guys ive noticed a big problem over the last few days My rear schock is gone which made a rattle but over the last few days to drive straight I have to have the steering wheel turned which made me think the wheel allignment was screwed. When I'm driving apart from the wheel being turned when ever I hit a pothole or slight bump in the road the rear makes a clunky noise and the car seems to jolt to the left or right as if it wants to slide out I had a closer look with a mehanic and the rear right wheel is bent inwards ANy ideas I'm taking it to a mechanic monday to get fixeed just don't know what I should be expecting as far a the problem (and a price) goes I also hit a gutter 6 months back on the rear LEFT side which could have caused the problem thanks
  4. hey guys Ive got a sony deck with a kicker 4 channel amp connected at the moment I have 2 6x9's and a pair of 6" splits in the front Each speaker runs off a seperate channel so I have like both lots of RCA slots used up on my deck If i was to get a sub with built in amp how would i go about connecting it? or what would be the best way to do it? I'm worried about losing power from the front or back speaker so I am unsure how to dot it thanks :)
  5. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    It was fine all day and has just started again
  6. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    I cleaned out the drum and it ain't squeaking anymore, let's hope it stays that way, thanks for all your help guys you saved me a bit of money :)
  7. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    Okay thanks, it's my first car so I don't know what I'm doing but I'll give it a go
  8. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    Okay cool do I just take wheel off abd take drum off and clean it with air or something similiar?
  9. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    Hey I drove through some gravel and it started after that , And rear brakes are drum
  10. Lachie113

    Squeaky Handbrake

    Hey guys On my 1998 corolla hatchback the left rear brake is squeaking when driving slow and goes away when I hit about 50km/h When it happens if I put the handbrake up just a tiny bit (not enough to turn light on) it goes away Also if I pull the handbrake right up just before it locks the wheels it's extremely loud abd squeaky I'm not sure what is causing this but it's becoming quite annoying hopefully someone knows what I can do Thanks