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  1. @ninjamekanik, just asking questions to be sure. I just remembered a friend who said "it's better to be dumb for 5 minutes than be dumb the rest of your life"
  2. did it just went straight in? didn't have to do anything on your stock dizzy?
  3. thank you dust. so the kit will be containing the points or the whole dizzy itself?
  4. it's on a 35 snot. and yes it's to adjust timing. so is it really a denso?
  5. I changed the distributor and rotor cap though. not that great on details. below are the photos i took
  6. how will I know if my dizzy is a bosh one?
  7. hey dust03 will the 3BOS4U1 fit all 4k engines?
  8. hey dust03 will the 3BOS4U1 fit all 4k engines?
  9. solved the stuttering part. now will look into the speedo part.
  10. will try to look at it or bring it to a shop. btw i'm having problems with my car. taking to long to start it. and when it runs it stutters then runs smoothly and then when i go to a full stop for a red light it stutter again then runs smoothly. do i have to correct the timing or just set the points?
  11. would this be costly time wise and money wise?
  12. was running at 80 kph and shifted to 5th gear and the speedo suddenly wasn't moving. what could be the reason? btw i have a ke35 with a 4k engine
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