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    Alexandra Hills, Brisbane
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    Late night crusin, Traveling in a convo on a road trip, Drags, Front wheel Driftinng. Street Racing. never been on the track befor but would love to give it a shoot in a few weeks from now once i have some new struts (ʞ©$ɟ the aftermarket springs, lol Just give me some good gas)
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About Me

Names Mitch Live in bayside Brisbane area and love my Ae92 Nova with a Great passion (don't even ask how much centermental value this shit box has 2 me).


Have Held my Liences off and on for about 5 years now, ues to have a bad need for speed but starting to enjoy just crusin around and hold on to the power for when i need it hehe..


Finally going to go all out and put some hard yards into my Nova. Will be keeping it on the road the rest of its life, as mods and more repairs are done day by day. Only plan to have it off the road for major jobs, like Paint Obivisily and when i swap or reco engine blocks / Gear boxs.


Currently know a decent amount about the Mechaincs and rebuilds behind corollas, and starting to get decent at Body repaires (panel beating N Bogging). Pretty much everything i know is from monkey see monkey do lol and winged some stuff myself... Lucky for me i have a few mates who are well into the mechincal / engineering and body Detailing for a Living... So when ever i run into an issue i can't fix or understand i always got the back up i need. I'm very greatfull for this... Only quessing but so far would have porbly saved over $10k

on Labour by doing this myself and learning the whole way. Great experience


My Ideal dream with my NOVA is to eventually one day have it look as nice as it gose and to actully get some heads 2 turn (Treuno/Levin Kits) So far i have done a lil 2 her go check it out on my Rides (AE92 Nove)

but yeah the work i have done 2 her already has my mates all with v6's talking twice about her... and no longer like the idea off Racing her at the lights on take off, After all what skyline, commodore or Falcon struggles to keep up with a 22 year old Front wheel lol.. (also guys talking yr 2000+ skylines,commodores and Falcons.)


So yeah one last thing i could say about myself is Aye when a challange is there i'll never turn it down..and if i do lose... Its beautifull to see somethin eles outa the ordinary with power... Like the 4x4 Vans, with a 308 Converstion lol. now that was beautilfull Left me behind as if i was driving a 3 speed auto 1.3 L festiva LOL (Hate that car)


I might be from the new Generation who are all into new slim style looks with turbos and Injection,

But thats not me, My taste is old school.... I love the KE30 Body and almost every model from the ke30 right to the AE101. Along with the older 3,4,5, Seroius RX7...And when it comes to under the hood, Old school all the way for now 100% naturally aspirated Untill i get off this stupid ass P plate power band LOL

(A twin turbo with a super charger would be Heaven on earth lol.) She Could currently handle a single turbo at 5-6 PSI as is stock 4AFC.

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