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  1. Thxs for the Info bro, However one of my good mates has a TIG, so was planing on just building a new carby intake maniflod to help boost the power by an decent amount.. Untill then just thinking of running the weber striaght off the stock intake manifold, I've seen it work on youtube so I know it can be done..

    + The idea is having something different.... And to be honest I hate Injection all together

  2. Just Found myself a Manual Converstion, Picking it up on monday will prob be installing it next weekend..

    Once she's converted I'll post some more Pics...


    Converting her to a 32/36 Weber once the manual is in.. Alrdy have the Weber sitting out back just need some spare time now..

  3. Hey guys, Sorry I could not keep the Posts going for my AE92, Shes now a write-off..

    So anyway the last few months i've been putting some money a side for a new project, I invested in a VR Commodore Wagon.

    Cost $400 as is condition, I ended up stripping the Interior, Had to replace the wiring job with a new wiring loom and replaced the cluster with 1 from the wreckers along with the Slevee, Swapped my sound system over from the nova and got it all wired in now, replaced the 4 tyres with ones that had legal thread lol.


    Also Rebuilt the Engine after a nice reco. All new leads and hoses to go with it. Also got around to fixxing all the leaks

    Ended up replacing the DFI manifold the other day, Fixxed the Miss I had.

    Also got some after market head lights from a friend.


    Anyway guys keep Posted... Manual Conversation is 110% next on my list


    Hope you guys enjoy so far, I know its no where near completed













  4. Nar Bro this is seroius... not thinking about doing it any more... Now keen to spend the cash which for me would be close to nothing to get the 4AFC/E to pump out more KW at Lowwer and higher revs then the 4age just to truly test this Point... ...


    Alrdy past 130 KW (not HP) with my 4AFC... Much higher then a 4AGE and at lowwer Revs.... and this is with no current mods to the block...


    In any Case guys thanks for all the comments, i would now like to consisder this POST CLOSED... As i have required all the info i am currently after...would like to thank every1 one for there imput on this matter...


    if anyone is interested to see where this is going check out my rides. for my Ride lol...Doing my best to keep it up to date with info/pics .. and hopefully a dyno reading soon

  5. yeah bro i know the different between a sway bar and a struct brace... Will be looking into sway bars 1st ofcoures.... after a bit more research... would love the 4AGE 20 vaule in a AWD jap/USA Import.... other wise rather mod the 4AFC/E.. Also know some engineers who can convert her from a Front wheel to a AWD for a few cartons of grog..


    Anyway guys body work will be complete soon will update pics hopfully tommrow or in a few days.. Paint job still a few weeks away...


    Please wait for further updates befor you guys reply to this post.... At Most 1 week away from some seroius upgrades....


    This post is only to give a quick update on my cars progress... Thxs all... Hope ues enjoy

  6. i compared the 4AFE to the 4AGE cuase they are both injection..and the 4AFE and 4AFC share the same block

    I'm actully running the 4AFC with a 32/36 Weber for my carby. Power Wise its not normal Takes off crazy at low RPM and build more power with more revs there is no Rev Limit where she starts to slow down in power gain. And also yes lets remember the 4age is made 2 rev harder but the 4af has the same power as a 4age with more torgue at lowwer Revs... so to put out the same KW does not need 2 Rev as hard as the 4AGE...


    Starting to think the only real way to prove which is the better would be on a track but vsing a Performance 4af not a econ like they all are..

  7. Brought a new wheel hub kit to replace my front passanger wheel bearing..


    Turns out your need a Presser for the AE92 wheel Bearings. So ended up calling a friend and went to his workshop to ues the presser afterhours and shit lol say no more its one nasty ares job to do...


    Still Waiting on a Sunny day so i can start working on the body. lol also kinda lazy

  8. Subaru-Kid: Love your input, keep it coming bro..Will probably be going with set up you said for sturt bracers and I like the sound of the Coilcovers along with a set of king springs would be nice.. Thxs a tone for the advice on Tyre specs bro, Got a tone of conections so tyres for me come cheap..


    Twinky: thxs for your input to bro accepting all ideas atm. but 6-8K to build my engine to what u said.... Hmm maybe for a norrmal person but shit no bro looking at all labour free done professionally in a work shop with all the correct tools if need be for that job. as i said to Subaru-kid i have some good connections..Mates in all different parts of the automotive Industry

  9. Hey guys now this is porbly a old question and belive me when i say i have done my research,


    What makes a 4AGE so much better then a 4AFE Apart from the next Generation twin Cam... So really guys just after some numbers for the 2.. i was told the 4AGE has a bigger head my question is by how much also how much dif are the intake and outtake Ports by diameter if any 1 knows would be great help


    Not sure if i shud reco my 4AF Block and bore out the Chamber / Intake / exhuast ports. After seeing some of the Dyno results and Numbers i have seen, i'm really starting to think the 4AGE is not much better at all comparaed 2 the 4AFE..


    The 4A-FE 113 hp (84 kW) @ 5800 rpm Torque: 101 lb·ft (137 N·m) @ 4800 rpm...Redline: 6300 rpm


    The 4A-GE produced 112 hp (84 kW) @ 6,600 rpm and 131 N·m (97 lb·ft) of torque at 4,800 rpm


    there you have it guys both at 84 KW, and the 4AGE needs to have an extra 1k rpm behind it, And also the 4AFE has much more torgue.. Now if any of u guys say the 4AGE revs harder please stop.. my 4AFC redines at 7.5K rpm Stocko Value springs..


    I'm honestly stuggling hardcore to see a stocko 4AGE with a top of the line exhuast system, Even try and keep up with my

    4A-F(32/36 Weber 5A)


    If your going to reply to this backing a 4AG over a 4AF Would love to hear it but plz brings some Numbers/Diameters...


    cause after what yous can all see there lol... i don't think the 4AF is as shit as every one puts it down to be. and would love 2 Race a 4age on the track or the streets if u truly belive your 4AG can Handle my 4AF

  10. Please tell me you put a thread on the stick after doing this..................




    Other than that, good job dude, I'm sure the motor sounds sweet with that carb and the extractors!


    If you are going to focus on the handling get a rear sway bar and coilovers straight away... then get a good set of tyres! can't go wrong mate! ;)

    yeah thxs bro love the idea of getting a strut brace was not all to sure which way to go next in handeling wise...


    And also bro with the Gear knob.. no tread for the after market one, Its held on BY 3 lil Allen Key Screws.. Spent no word of a lie almost 1 whole hour getting the Eagle Knob on Perfect so it dosn't move, looks straight ect ect... lil bit of a perfectionest lol.. Already the cops have complained about it once cause it has no H pattern.. so was thinking of InGraving a H pattern next to my Gear stick like they are is some of the BMWs.. theres also a few other cars with the H Pattern Below or to the right hand side of the Gear stick... Need 2 be able 2 see the H pattern Clearly in the drivers seat to stop them from havin a cry


    And yeah bro with the Exhuast and the weber... i push it to 7k RMP np.. if i let her she would just keep reving higher..But we all know they only made to REDLINE at 6K RPM... 2nd Gear 105 KM/h 7.500 RPM And the engine sounds Amazing still at them Revs with no Power Lose at all as she revs harder....I'll keep the Revs and gear speeds uptodate as well... my Ideal Goal would be to have her reving at 12+ K

  11. Well guys got some time on my hands in the next few days along with some cash to back it...


    So i'm going to Start off by giving her a 2nd coat of Bogg in the passenger side Rear Panel (3 coats Idealy before paint).. Indian Cab driver ran up my arse and bailed outa there (true and unbelivable dodgy story behind it)..


    Give the roof a touch up (sand that nasty surface rust off) and spray it with some surface primer only needs to keep it rust free for a few weeks, while I line up the paint job.


    Also need new wheel bearings for the front passenger wheel.


    Brought a new temperature senor but the Temp Guage shoots striaght to red. Going to run a new wire from the senor 2 the cluster. If that don't work... will go and get a Stock AE92 Corolla CSi Cluster (1 with the tacho like they should all have LOL)


    Will also try and get around to replaceing the boot cable.


    Would also love to pull the driver side door off and replace it with a new one, (Got Vandalised by a 2 legged dog I had helped plenty of times) However tho so far i have been qouted some out rageous prices for a door inculding the wreakers, So might just have 2 pull it apart a fix it - ex: unbend window rail, new cables for lock, hard core bend the top half of the door so it closers normally again.


    Also would not mind wiring up some Cheap Neons under the dash 2 a switch along with getting some Green LED Traffic lights off 1 of my friends and Wiring them into my Sub. Along the interior roof, And maybe a few under the car. (Will also wire the Sub LED system into a switch, would not be good to drive past the cops with a disco going on inside lol.


    Anyway guys i'll upload some photos and let ues know how it gose over the next few days

  12. Hey guys spent some money and done some more work on her today....

    Fixxed the dash lights (Lights that light up the cluster) with the Dimmer.. Also replaced the webbing in the Front seats..

    Installed a Bosch GT40 Coil (in the box).. Also Set up the Manual Choke for the webber...

    Brought 2 breand new tyres for the Front...and Angle Grinded the Gear Stick down by like 1/2 way 2/3rds And replaced the Factory H pattern knob With a Cheap after market Eagle Gear Knob...




    Almost happy with the engine for now...Most likely save for a lil to buy a 4AGE 20 Value Block and reco it with a boar out, And get a set of custom Cams Along with Heavy Value springs, Larger pistions - Values, Ect... (this is the way i am thinking of going next for more power modes, If anyone has any suggestions, would Love your input)


    Turning most of my attention to the interior, exteroir, Handling And Suspension in the next few days....


    Let me know what you guys think (seroius comments only plz).

  13. done a few hours of work on her today... Got the carby tuned, Fixxed all the vac leaks. got the speedo, tacho, fuel guage and dash lights working again... And also threw in a Sony sound system (x2 6" x2 6.9" Head deck. 600 Watt amp - 1000 what Sub with a box) and also connect 2 stock speakers under the dash as well sounds insane....


    Still needs a bit more work.. example Temp Gauge.. cable 2 open boot.. Tyres... complete the body repaires ect ect lol

    Any way guys took these pics while at my girl friends house at night time will up load a few more in a few days when more is complete and in the sunlight lol..



    Any way guys tell me what u think.. All comments welcome... Hope ues enjoy

  14. Hey guys.. I'll make this quick and simple to start with..

    Had a Ae92 1990 Nova for a few years got board with my old car so time to put some money and work on this one.


    Pulled the Engine out the other day replaced the Gluth with a Heavy duty Performance Cluth (in the box)

    New timing Belt.... some engine mounts. oil.. water .. ect ect..

    Threw some custom after marker extractors with a 2" sports performance exhuast cat back ... (Muffler not Cannon lol)

    And got a DGV 5A Weber carby conversion kit (also in the box)..


    Will Add more in a few days with some pics.... This is what has been done so far. Alot of Repaire work needed on electrics still with a few more mods... anyway guys love comments hope u enjoy pics... tommrow..

  15. to much efforts.


    you seem to have done a bit of work to the 4ac already.


    if you are keen, you could work the head a bit too. get a uprated camshaft, shave the head to get some more compression, give it a bit of porting inside the combustion chamber as well as in the intake and exhaust ports.


    you might get close to stocko 4age performance with that setup, thouigh it wont have stock 4age driveability.


    but man it would be fun to drive.


    although not as good as the 4age, the 4ac i think is very understated, even a good condition stock one goes very well considering its just an old crappy 1.6L carby.



    Thxs bro plan on Modding Her Hard (don't ask why) Just Need Cash For new mod parts... Can do All the Work myself, and have access to most the Equipment i need for any Mod.. Once again Bro thxs for your advice. Gives me some idea on what way to go next...

  16. I was Wondering if a 4AGE or 4AGZE Head Would Bolt Straight on to a 4AFC Block, Or with minimum Modification..

    How ever Keeping it Carby... she already currently has a V8 Twin Carby Self Modification. And a set of After-market extractors with a Custom 2" Cat Back Sports performance exhaust system (Sports Performance Muffler)

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