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  1. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    The way the mx5 currently sits, And some cefiro photos... this won't get a build thread, it doesn't deserve it :P: Cheers.
  2. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    Its been a while since I've updated this. I have been working heaps lately so car related shenanigans have slowed... well sort of. The mx5 has had a little bit of work done to it, now it has a cat back exhaust, An rs lip kit, and new injectors. Its been my daily for the last 3 months and its been faultless appart from the lack of boot space haha. The main reason the mx5 has stayed reasonably sensible is the town I live in has had a large amount of cars defected lately and I don't have time for that. My latest purchase was my most ill thought out and most fun all in one go, I got an a31 cefiro as a drift car... with rego. Ill throw some photos up after work Cheers
  3. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    well today was guard rolling day, so more low is next :lol: then its either the exhaust or sway bars and a small gv lip kit :P
  4. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    So I have been away and working and every other thing that can take up my car time, and the mx5 has been the daily for the whole time, the only dramas I had were a nail in the tyre and the plug leads needed to be changed due to being old and brittle. Eventually the "stock" look and standard suspension were getting on my nerves so it came time to get it done Random gumtree search provided these bad boys shod with 90% tread re001's... WIN The rims need a paint and polish but for now they will do fine This created a problem... it sat up like a 4x4 and made it wallow through corners and generally made it unpleasant, sooooo.... They were in the box for all of a few seconds I need to roll the lips to get it lower but until the coilovers settle Ill leave it at this height.
  5. mdw003

    Mdw003's Ke16

    Good to see you on here. Hope all is well with the waggs. That reminds me I need to update the mx5 thread.
  6. mdw003

    Mdw003's Ke16

    I feel like I sold one of my children. and it was the one I liked the most... yeah young lad sent me a message this morning and hes driving it home now.
  7. mdw003

    Mdw003's Ke16

    So the waggs has been sold, look out adelaide shes on her way up there.
  8. mdw003

    Ke16 For Sale

    Price drop: $5500.
  9. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    Its a belt driven setup, the 1.6 engines are quite simple by today's standards but have some problems with wearing out the keyway on the crank if its not tightened correctly after a timing belt change. On the other hand they will respond well to a turbo/super charger, that makes me wonder if that's why the intake plumbing sits near the exhaust :lol: as an alternative to an FC20/Altezza engines I would lean towards a 2001-2005 Nb mx5 for the motor, Its a 1.6 litre that has aprox 110 bhp (82 kW) @6,500 from standard, if mine pops that's the way ill be going. its the best designed 1.6 they make imo and the one most people boost. Alternatively they make some torquey 1.8 -2.0 litres aswell. I love the feel of the 5 speed in mine, The only thing I can compare it to is a Daytona racing game, its so tight and the throws are short... like 1.5" from first to second, no fuss it just clicks straight in every time. (and its better when your driving it harder)
  10. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    haha, I had it next to the ke16 and for a split second I thought, That would fit. I wouldn't want it in any other car, this is so lite and the motor loves a rev or two, ill keep it where it is + its heaps of fun in the wet ;) .
  11. mdw003

    Mdw's Mx5

    It didn't add 100rwkw like the cops think it does, it made a noticeable difference in the mid range throttle response, and smoothed out the overall rev range,