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  1. Hey guys I'm really searching for quarter Windows for my 1974 Toyota Corolla coupe. It was broken into months ago and I still can't seem to find any for sale.
  2. Hi I reall need a left rear quarter window do you have the window for the 73 ?
  3. Do you or anyone you know is selling a ke20 left rear quarter window ?
  4. My friend and I rebuilt my carburetor but before taking it apart we didn't take photos and have marking points. With huge regret as we finished rebuilding we forgot where all the vacuums lead back to. So if you guys have a base model 1974 corolla coupe (better if 3kc California motor) photo of where all the hose leads that'd be great! Thanks
  5. hi i am new to this site. i was wondering what engine should i swap into my 1974 toyota corolla that doesnt require cutting any of the frame or body? i live in america as i see many people are in the UK or australia... i would like an engine that comes stock with a 5 spd transmission. Thank you !!!
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