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  1. The error happened to be a brake pad that had been inserted in a way that a spring was in the wrong place. Therefore the odd, non distinct feeling in the brake pedal!
  2. Hi! I was getting fed up by my 40 year old well used seat foam in my ke35, so I decided to make myself a new one with better support. I was looking for the right type of foam that's hard enough to give some more support during cornering and longer rides. The best foam I found for the task was actually sound absorbing foam! I used contact adhesive to glue the foam layers together,and you can use a grinder to shape the foam. It's kind of tricky but it works! You can also use a wood file for narrow areas. Finally I attached some "regular" soft foam for the cushioning feel. The blue ones is bought from a supermarket as they are made for drying the plates after doing the dishes. Now the new seat foam is inserted into the car seat and it feels great! The lower back has now more support than the sagging old foam ever could provide the last decades. The car's handling also feels better (but I know it's not true ;-)) because of the new foam's supportive sides.
  3. Still problem with the brakes. I'm thinking about trying another brake Master cylinder.
  4. Can dot4+ be devastating for the brake system? I wondering if that could be the problem. But as I read the dot4+ is just like a dot4, but "better".
  5. I rechecked the clearance for the bolt pattern. It's the same pattern but, the ta62's calipers uses a m12 bolt while the ke35's bolts are m10. So you need to drill out the holes on the dust shield. The ke35 stock discs can be used. They are just bearly smaller than the ta62's. Here's a picture showing the ta62 caliper on the ke35's dust shield. But without drilled out holes for the m12 bolts
  6. Yes they are, but a bad pic to show it.. You can at least see the difference between the brake pads.
  7. The bleeder is on top. I changed the whole strut in the conversion. But I did try if it was a bolt on caliper swap. Have to recheck but I do believe you only need to trim a little bit of the "dustshield(?)" for clearance.
  8. Hi! For 2 years ago I installed a ta62 brake booster and master cylinder into my ke35. Huge difference! Now I have also installed front calipers from the same ta62 into my ke35. Tried bleeding it about ten times but everytime I started the engine the pedal sank to the floor. I tried yesterday reinstall the old ke35 stock calipers and that made it a alot better! So what's wrong? Are the ta62's calipers harder to evacuate the air from or do they fail remaining pressure somehow?at least I can't see any leaks from them...
  9. Is there any more compatible arms that will fit the ta62 struts? I'm having a hard time finding any Ae86 ps ones here in scandinavia, so a solution that is "less bad" than the ta62's arms would be appreciated. :-)
  10. Ok! Nice! :-) then I shall start looking for another solution, like the ae86 power steering arms. Thank you, this was really helpful!! :-)
  11. Great replies! Yes the bolt pattern is different. Because of my english skills I'm not sure what you mean by "less lock". I thought it was that the steering wheels anti theft lock would have more play, but when Altezzaclub is talking about Steve who just kept spinning because of it, then I got lost... :-P
  12. What effects will it be on my ke35 to put this ta62 steering arm to my newly fitted struts (ta62) upgrade? I have to use them to the ta62's struts. But they are longer than the KE steering arms. Approximately 20 mm longer. Will I notice any surprises?
  13. Is that Mitsubishi Sigma? How much longer are they?
  14. Hi! Is it possible to widen the front track on my ke35 without spacers? I got front struts, LCA's, etc from a ta62 Carina to work with. The carina lca seems to be no longer than the corolla lca which doesn't help my quest. Any suggestions?
  15. Ok, sounds good :-). One more question, what about the tires clearance to the fenders when using the TA diff? I think it was 8 cm wider than the KE diff? Guess somebody already tried this?
  16. Funny that your driveshaft vibrates at 60 kph, mine does that too after I had it shorten! And mine isn't even balanced yet :o
  17. Great response guys! I never mentioned to get rid of my leaves thou, I'm only interested in the bars I could use with my leaf springs still on the car. If I understand it right, to use the outer bars as anti tramp they have to be fitted at the same length from the diff as the leaf springs mounting? About the anti roll bar, do you see any problems? Or is it basically just to weld in the mountings on a good place?
  18. Okay, so I have done a 3t-c conversion in my ke35. Still got the stock ke diff. In the future I want to change the diff to the TA60 diff (where the donator engine came from). I want to improve the handling by using the bars that the diff already got installed, but how would it affect my leaf springs? The panhard and the anti roll bar should be fine, but what about the other four bars? Are they anti tramp? Useable? Another question that bothers me is if I should go with a stiff drive shaft like the ke one, or if I want the divided shaft with the mounted bearing like it was on the ta. What differents those that make? Right now I'm using the stiff one.
  19. Got some leftovers from a 1982 Carina that I just couldn´t through away. Someone might need it! This is what I have: Bonnet Fenders All windows accept the front windscreen. exterior mirrors original hubcaps with clips Original rims Front position light with built in indicators. Headlights Dashboard/instrument panel. Front grill Located in Sweden but ships worldwide. Got pictures of all the parts ;) Regards
  20. Yes if I someday want more power there is a lot of options. A problem is that it's not exactly legal to do almost anything at all to the engine over here. So it has to be a discreet fix. ;-)
  21. Haha! Right! And it looks more original :-)
  22. I'm actually in Sweden. I want the engine to be approximately from the same time era. And it has to be a toyota engine. Here in Sweden we got the 3k-c in corollas, 2tc in celica and 3tc in celica and carina. That's basically all the options. And I do not want a newer engine because to me it would spoil the looks. But what other options were you thinking about?
  23. Why not 3tc? I have a 3kc in right now so why not a 3tc instead? More power, less noisy and lots of info on how to put a 3tc/2tc engine in a ke30.
  24. Parrot: a good thing with the e120 is that you DON'T have to change the timing belt, the 3zz engine has a chain instead :-). Rolla-ken: I just did. It only took me a couple of days. (lazy)
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