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  1. Hey man thanks so much for your help! I'll give it a go this afternoon!
  2. PS. First car, first engine swap, havnt had much to do with mechanics apart from work experience. Just a project I'm doing with dad so if you could dumb things down id appreciate it :P
  3. Hey guys, ive got an 83 Corolla and I basically swapped an Old old ooooooold 4k out and swapped an old 4k in. Just for a learning experience etc etc.. I got everything in and going but I had a water pump leak, so I took it off cleaned everything up nicely cut a new gasket out of gasket paper and the water pump stopped leaking, however the thermostat housing is leaking too, and I tried the same fix but its corroded and the new gasket doesnt fix it.. Any ideas guys? For home fixes, or is it worth just buying a new one? Cheers in advance!
  4. Radio Antenna if its still available and ill take your thermostat housing if youre willing to part the 4k itself out, cheers 0439693333
  5. How much off a power upgrade would a webber carby be on a 4k? And what are the costs involved? :) Cheers
  6. Looking for a cheap ke70 for cheap, doesnt have to be anything fancy. don't mind having to do a bit of work. Prefer a sedan but would consider a wagon, willing to spend up to $1500. Preferably in Queensland, must be willing to drive it to Atherton queensland or drop it to a depot. Email me pics and details [email protected] xx
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