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  1. Could i get a picture of how bad the rust is? any dents etc?
  2. Wtb: Ke30 Doors!

    Parts Desired: Need Drivers side front door in white Your Location: Ballarat Victoria, about 100km from melbourne. Contact: PM, Phone 0488729643, Email [email protected]
  3. sorry mate looking for doors that are already white. how much would you want anyway for the 2 doors?
  4. What colour is the car? do you have drivers front a drivers side rear doors?
  5. What colour is the car? do you have drivers front a drivers side rear doors?
  6. Thanks mate appreciate it
  7. Need torque specs for a 2T engine out of a ta22 celica. need flywheel bolts and clutch pressure plate bolts any help much appreciated
  8. what colour and condition are the seats? got a mate in melb that needs front and rear seats. and how much would you want?
  9. MA61 wheels MAY be sold.. ill keep you posted Trev - No worries mate. hopefully these pics come through tonight.
  10. Got for sale the following 1. Set of MA61 14x7s with 175/65s all round. 2. Pair of globeline 13x6s 114.3x4 (unknown offset) with shit tyres 3. MA61 tailgate. (grey in colour) 4. MA61 doors. (grey in colour) 5. MA61 front quarter panels (grey in colour) 6. F series (IRS) with LSD 7. Misc MA61 suspension components, Brakes and steering. (just ask what u need) 8. MA61 rear flares (also have fronts but are still atached to guards) CONDITION: 1. overrated! hardly a gutter rash on them. still have centre caps. never painted! 2 tyres have 75% tread other 2 have around 50% 2. not too bad condition. tyres are no good. 3. also very good condition. no visible rust under window etc. 4. Very good condition. DO NOT COME WITH DOOR TRIMS. 5. left is in good nick other has slight damage to the very front section (easy to fix) 6. when i bought this i was told that it was recently rebuilt. feels pretty tight. all seams to be working. 7. all are in good condition car was pretty neat. 8. see photo. PRICES: 1. $500 ono 2. $100 ono 3. ill be happy with around $70. 4. $100 pair. 5. $50 pair 6. $200 ono 7. ......... 8. $40 the pair BUT will consider selling as set just make an offer. I am located in Ballarat Victoria. Pick up only!! PM me, email [email protected], or call 0488729643 after 5pm. -Dylan PICS UP TONIGHT!!!!!!
  11. Ballarat Corolla's

    Have seen the wagan with visor kickin round. still got it?
  12. Wtb: Half Decent Ke30

    if he doesnt get it i am interested
  13. Ballarat Corolla's

    Marone 1989 cressida GLX (MX83) 3.0 Inline 6, auto power everything, A/C, Lowered springs in the rear, Grande wheels. really nice car can't wait to get the motor rebuilt Not too bad fuel econemy (spelling) and have a bit of power
  14. Ballarat Corolla's

    I'm from Ballarat owned a ke30 for a week untill someone hit it up the arse. Now driving a mx83 cressida. with has spun a bearing so its off the road for a while. Looking for another KE30 without motor/gearbox to get me from a to b while i fix the cressida. I'm also on AE86DC (DR1FT) you might of noticed.