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  1. DJ_Brown

    Wtb: Ke55 Parts

    Hello, I'm chasing a few parts for my KE55. Mostly a square light grill, and a KE55/KE70 AM/FM Radio.
  2. DJ_Brown

    Ke55 Dash Speaker Size?

    Hello, Does anyone know what size the factory dash speaker is in a KE55 Coupe? Cheers David
  3. DJ_Brown

    1Uz-Fe Ke55 Coupe?

    Hello, I'm planning a 1UZ-FE into a KE55 Coupe. and after browsing the site, ive found plenty of KE70s with 1UZs but no KE55s.. Are the engine bays of a KE70 any different? Are there any KE55s with 1UZs around? Cheers David.