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  1. what a beautiful sprinter!!!!!!!!!!!love it...


    change your gear box 4fd to 5fd

    u can use `k series 5 speed box called "K50",comes with ke50,ke55,ke72,ke74,km20,kr41and kr42 or AA60 carina gear box.but carina bell-housing is different.do u need extra informations,ask me.because i was exchanged my gear box of corolla 50 with carina AA60's K50 5speed gear box.

    now it runs 13km in city and 19km in outstations with A/C.grate fuel consumption!!!!!!!!!!!


    hay dude,if u want a k series pdf manual,send me your email to "[email protected]"

    i had scanned my manual.

  2. you can use a 5speed k50 gear box fitted in Toyota Carina 3A engine.same gear box,but bell housings are different(like KE70 series rear end gear shifter type). If u have a creative mind you can change it as u wish.because i was did that!


    first of all you should find a K50 gear box from Toyota Carina 1,452 cc 3A-U I4 (AA60),1,486 cc 5K-J I4 (KA67V),1,587 cc 4A DOH C I4 (AA63)

    very easy.their are in touching area.


    ha ha......same input shaft,same clutch assay,same output shaft,same sliding joint.same height,same gear ratios as KE30/35/50/51/55 K50 gear box.


    then remove your old 4speed K40 gear box.


    after that you should remove your engine plate between engine and gear box and feathers.


    set the plate and feathers to 3A K50 gear box.


    then drill holes on bell housing.


    cut the body for gear shifter attaching.


    drill 3 holes in cross member for mount.


    then fit the engine plate,fly wheel,clutch,pressure plate with clutch cover.


    after all you may fit your new gear box.


    enjoy the job!


    sorry for bad English!

  3. hay mate,don't use hot spark ignition convertion set.

    if you want an electronic dizzy,it is possible to find it in local marcket.

    this internal type 7K dizzy got from upul aiya's used vehicle spare parts shop,alawwa.cost is 1500 rupees......... :D it was stuck and didn't work mechanicaly.he didn't knew how to operate and work it is.

    when i came back home,disassembled it and flushed well with WD40 and awtor(double blended kerosine).then replaced the ball bearing and assembled it carefully.then i was attached it to ignition coil with spark plug and rotate the bewel gear...oh...it works very well.... :thumbsup:


    i had saw a 4K-U dizzy(external igniter module type) in auto plaza ananda international (pvt) ltd,kurunegala.cost was 14500rupees without igniter module.(igniter came with ignition coil.cost were both of them 4000rupees.)


    in that way,i saw a 7K internal igniter type dizzy in PG motors,kurunegala.ooops......cost was 29000rupees. :oops:


    3K-U/4K-U/4K-C dizzies with igniter module and 4K-J/5K/5K-C/5K-J/5K-U/7K dizzies are suitable for your engine.they are electronic dizzies. :thumbsup:


    only 3K hasn't any emissio control system.

    pls refer(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_K_engine)

    3K-U means, 3K engine with TOYOTA TOTAL CLEAN-CATALYST(TTC-C)type japanese domestic version emission control system.

    this system has single bed catalytic convertor between engine and silencer muffler(srilankan people called 'podi gediya',hah hah haaaa..),closed loop lamda oxygen senser,heat senser for silancer muffler,an air smog pump(vane type turbo super charger) for inject extra volume of gas to common rail air injection manifold of engine as bipass line,a common rail air injetion manifold,an air injection control valve with check valve,a vaccum switching valve,a vaccum control valve,a vaccum transmitted valve and an electronic emission control unit called emission control computer. these items came with 3K-C califonia emission control system also.

    but vaccum hoses diagrams are different.


    my corolla ke20 runs 16km to city and 20km to out station per 1lt without A/C,13 and 18 with A/C.

    ke50 runs 14km to city and 18.5km o.s per 1lt,12 and 17 with A/C.

  4. of cause dude,i had seach about your link.i know about this site since jan of 2012.they have only sales catalogues,not brouches.but they havan't every catalogues(pls refer 2nd generation ke20 catalogue).it is not my car.pls pay your attention about its front head light trims.is it your trim also?

    by the way,if u found a original cluster for cheep price,pls buy it and ask me for more details about wiring diagrammes for fix it to ur car.i do my best for classic car lovers like you and me also.




    this is the tag of my ke50




    hay,i had change my point type 3K ignition system with 7K internal type electronic ignition system. :yes: mmmmmm......no miss firings any more.............and i have economical drive than before. :thumbsup:

    by the way,my ke20 car has company fitted electronic system.it has an external igniter.only induction type pulse generator(pickup coil)in dristibutor.



    this is engine of my corolla ke50.both of A/C compressor and air injection smog pump had removed for servicing.but all other items are available on it.can you see,every hoses and other emission equipments are fit with original taging clips!




    my fender emblems.

    oops......i had drilled them and fitted with pop rivets..... :blinks: because thieves are in every where!

    they are steal our rare emblems......!!!!!!




    this is cluster of my ke50.my car is a hideluxe one but,SL cluster with it.hah hah haaaaa..........i change my original HDX cluster with SL one.this is from original SL car of my friend.it is for cheap price!......000000000 rupees.hah hah haaaa... :laff: ...before when i fix it to my car,refered my original wiring diagrammes in body repair manual and change it using another bypass shockets for this item.original wiring is also available!!!.... :cool:




    did you see this original designed linings on another car?

    i never yet!!!!!




    these items for emission controls....... :)




    koito branded genuine fog lamps for toyota corolla e50 series,not for e30 series.......elippse type reflectors for wide angle projection.




    company fitted genuine toyota corolla power assisted bowl type fender mirrors.........as an option!




    my rear emblems......




    side view........


    i will post my ke20's pics very soon.

    bye.... :wave:

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