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  1. yes.real wreck yard is in alawwa. upul ayya's yard did u came here?he bought another ke20 car to wreck yesterday. mr.gunathilake from uthuwana,maawanella is the best tinkering workman i ever known.
  2. the radio in my car still working yet too.....only kiyo kiyo noise....he he.....it's brand is TEN...
  3. change ur instrument cluster with that SL sedan tacho cluster.u need any details for wiring,ask [email protected]
  4. what a beautiful sprinter!!!!!!!!!!!love it... change your gear box 4fd to 5fd u can use `k series 5 speed box called "K50",comes with ke50,ke55,ke72,ke74,km20,kr41and kr42 or AA60 carina gear box.but carina bell-housing is different.do u need extra informations,ask me.because i was exchanged my gear box of corolla 50 with carina AA60's K50 5speed gear box. now it runs 13km in city and 19km in outstations with A/C.grate fuel consumption!!!!!!!!!!! hay dude,if u want a k series pdf manual,send me your email to "[email protected]" i had scanned my manual.
  5. yes of cause,both are K50 five speed gear boxes.bottom one is first edition,fitted with corolla KE30 SL/GSL , KE35 SR5 and starlet KP30.top one came with corolla KE50 SL/GSL/SR5coupe, lift-back and KE55 5speed models.gear ratios are all same.use top one.it is a upgrade.
  6. you can use a 5speed k50 gear box fitted in Toyota Carina 3A engine.same gear box,but bell housings are different(like KE70 series rear end gear shifter type). If u have a creative mind you can change it as u wish.because i was did that! first of all you should find a K50 gear box from Toyota Carina 1,452 cc 3A-U I4 (AA60),1,486 cc 5K-J I4 (KA67V),1,587 cc 4A DOH C I4 (AA63) very easy.their are in touching area. ha ha......same input shaft,same clutch assay,same output shaft,same sliding joint.same height,same gear ratios as KE30/35/50/51/55 K50 gear box. then remove your old 4speed K40 gear box. after that you should remove your engine plate between engine and gear box and feathers. set the plate and feathers to 3A K50 gear box. then drill holes on bell housing. cut the body for gear shifter attaching. drill 3 holes in cross member for mount. then fit the engine plate,fly wheel,clutch,pressure plate with clutch cover. after all you may fit your new gear box. enjoy the job! sorry for bad English!
  7. yes of cause i have a one! :thumbsup:
  8. of cause,this is toyota corolla 3K-U engine.i have one too in my toyota corolla ke50 sedan hi deluxe.
  9. this attachments for your thursty! vacuum hose information for toyota corolla 3K-U engine. all part nums and details with items. (L-000) signs means length of hose.
  10. this is for you! pls refer and enjoy with your vehicle.bye :wave:
  11. hay mate,i wanna buy another box too.give me your last price for both boxes. mail me,[email protected]
  12. this diagramme for air injection system of 3K-U emission control system
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/toyota-corolla-spinter-te27-te25-ke25-ke20-speedometer-rpm-/121145671580?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c34d83f9c&vxp=mtr this is a link for corolla ke20 tacho meter cluster.set with your car and enjoy with it. :y: bye. :wave:
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