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  1. so 4 years later on this topic.... the 4k was progressively getting more and more smoky over time, still reliable as ever but was requiring a liter of oil every second week to keep it happy. Yesterday when changing a couple of fuel hoses it all got a little out of hand and next minute a 5k engine that's been sitting on my front porch for years made its way in there with the electronic dizzy and all. Very noticeable increase in torque and very quiet with the hydraulic lifters.... unfortunately got too excited during a test run and lunched the clutch.
  2. What cuts do you need?there is pretty nasty rust I dug out under the chrome strip on the right side, bottom of one of them has a 50c sized hole. If you need a cut small enough I can put in a boc and post I'm happy to, the couriers are too unreliable here turning up days after they have been booked for. I will be completely stripping it on saturday arvo, I will be cutting repair sections, everything that I don't need will be put into a thread listed seperately, just need to get my hands on a new grinder.
  3. Wrecking my ke30 2 tone 4 door after finding some horrible rust within the C pillar, front and back bumpers are staying with me and I have pinched little things for my own cars. at this stage need to keep it a rolling shell to move around but I will be fully dismantling it this weekend. Will only post smallish items I can take to the post office in a box and send. No couriers. Its one of the last ke30's as it has a ke55 master cylinder and booster, ke55 door pulls and interior. Dash is cracked, seats are torn. has a very healthy 3k motor with some carb issues.
  4. Early or late dash? I have a radio in a late ke30 dash here, fuse box cover and would have to check if it has a good light cover or not, pm me if your interested :)
  5. I have some chrome strips from a ke30 I'm wrecking out due to rust issues, the front left hand side half of the chrome has been pinched a bit where they join in the middle, the chrome clips in the middle were gone when I got the car. If you interested pm me an offer plus postage and we can go from there, both my good cars have chrome so they are no good to me :)
  6. Gaver her a good wash this morning, story of my life, it never rains but pours, got offered another 2 door hardtop, so once I have swapped all the parts I need on and off, it will be sold onto (hopefully) to somone that will look after her.
  7. Cheers bud, after this one is tidied up and sold on/parted out/sorted minus the few bits that are a bit rough on my ke55 there is a mx10 corona that caught my eye out there too, I think the corolla will scrub up ok apart from the windscreen and rust though, it has a good 10 years worth of rural west nsw dust on it.
  8. A friend and I went for a look at a guys farm today who had 90+ cars laying in a paddock, we went armed with cash and a car trailor intending on bringing my mate home a valiant, instead I got this. The wheels were on a liteace van nearby (unfortunately the liteace only had a 4k or I would have bought that home too...) Guy wanted $300 for the car with stock wheels, but ended up shakinghands on $250 with the mags that had brand new tyres and we were on our way. When we were looking at it I am looking and thinking "parts car", but it has a lot going for it, apart from a cracked dash the seats are great, door cards overrated, minimal rust in all the usual places, it was just parked there and left in 2003. The negative part is the massive rust bubble on the roof, this may be a deal breaker for a road going project. Anyway first ke30 I have seen with factory two tone, even has the chrome trim to go between the colours on the rear pillars. Giving it a quick cleanup tomorrow to really decide its fate, just putting it out there hoping for some inspiration to do the right thing for it rather than parting it out for my other ones.
  9. Looks pretty tidy there I hope the taillight made it to you in once piece :)
  10. Well after being only driven 3 times in the last 18 months (two of those trips was to get the yearly rwc and the third was for my wedding I decided to go for a full cleanup and put on my jellybeans, I have covered 2500km in the last month and a bit and apart from a failed ballast resistor its been flawless, i gave the motor a thourough flush as it was sludged up beyond recognition under the rocker cover when I checked the tappets and that just made it feel smoother and stronger :D One minor annoynig issue is I don't have gauges half the time, not sure why, it must be a dirty connection under the dash because if you tap it the gauges start working again,
  11. I'm pretty sure the gutters are the two edges of the side and roof panels welded together to form the gutter.
  12. I took most of these in melbourne many years ago, I rescued the brown ke26 from the same paddock and the multi coloured ke20 was wasting away for years in my dads yard before it went for spares. The boot on the green ke20 crumpled and wanted to fold like cardboard, as did the bonnet, I pulled the rear window from it and the lights. The brown one wasnt as bad, it could have been a neat car apart from the rust The teal one was pretty nice, from memory the only thing wrong with it was the gearbox, can't remember who owned them it was a bloke on the oldcorollas yahoo group.
  13. dude I'm in wagga u close should meet

  14. Went to dads today and pinched some parts from my first ke30 that we still had parts laying around from. Now has unfaded taillights and I pinched a fuel gauge sender as the one in it is all over the place. :) Is a great little car to drive to work buzzes along nicely, I did have one of the factory fuel hoses spring a leak but it was only just down the road from home so was easily replaced.
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/1978-toyota-ke30-corolla-NO-RESERVE-/180655479835?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2a0fe7dc1b at first I thought this was a 7k but it looks like something else. Wonder how it would perform if this had been fitted properly.
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