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  1. For sale fiberglass front chin spoiler/ lips for Toyota KE70/AE70/TE72 corolla..price are $230 usd including postage to Worldwide from Malaysia...i take paypal for payment. email me for any inquiry [email protected] or text +60192192292 thanks. megat-
  2. Hi, This is completely make from new mould..and its perfect fit to ke35 boot lid without modification..thanks.
  3. No..there are old stock tyres..shop i bought still keep about 10pcs before..all are gone now..
  4. I only got this..hope this will give you an idea..
  5. Yes..correct..KE55 coupe is same with KE35..good new this spoiler is also fit to sedan KE30..below is some picture i took when mocked up on KE30 2 door sedan.. But have to shave boot lock when using this spoiler..
  6. For sale fiberglass rear spoiler for toyota corolla KE35 TE37 hardtop..Price $180usd shipped worldwide..got ready stock to ship.. I'm from Malaysia,delivery to Aus /NZ will take about 7-10 days use international parcel with tracking. I accept paypal for payment [email protected] Thanks megat-
  7. Yes,even overseas postage rate here increase,i still can selling this with original price on my first post..just email me or PM if you have any questions..tq
  8. Thanks for the words Brenden..looking foward to see your project car with those flares..
  9. Now back in stock..just email or PM me of anyone interested..tq
  10. More like TE27 levin spoiler to me. More like te27 levin spoiler to me..
  11. Don't have any for ke20 rear spoiler at this moment..anyone got picture of rear spoiler ke20? What is the best looking? Maybe i could ask my fiberglass maker to make some mould for that..
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