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  1. Yep, time for a restoration and power up....
  2. Looking for front end bumpers, guards, grill etc, text 0408252416 Cheers Nathan
  3. Looking for 3kb asian twin carbie air filter box.as in attached photo.
  4. Again my apologies, could you please send those pics again to 0408252416
  5. Sorry the ph number is 0408252416, my mistake sorry about that. Big fingers and small phones don't work very well.
  6. Very interested, my son is looking for one to put in a ke70, would it fit?
  7. Could you please send pics of the tow bar to 0408262416
  8. Where abouts are you located?
  9. Hey phil you still got a 70 tow bar or know where i could find one.
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