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  1. come on guys n gals!! someone must want it??
  2. Really need it gone!! just bought my next car today!! WRX!!!! :no: I'm open to offers guys!!
  3. yeah.. i don't know much about getting it road worthiable.. but should be fine.. its real tight!! i don't see any problems..?? or don't the pits like 4agze motors in them?? if you had a prob.. stick a stock engine in for the pits.. then stick the 4agze motor after its licenced... a bit of messing around though :no:
  4. if someone really wants this from the east coast.. i guess we could organise shipping!! i need this car gone now! :no: possibly buying my new one this weekend
  5. Bump!! Price drop guys!! really need to sell.. ive found a new car i want and can only get it by the sale if this one :D
  6. well do you know anyone who is looking to buy this car??
  7. shame!! i don't think any western australians even use this forum much :cool: