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  1. Just wondering where i can get some stickers please?
  2. [b]Member Name[/b] - Rolla91 (Luke) [b]Area[/b] - Everton Park [b]Daily Drive[/b] - AE102R SECA RV
  3. I have not been to one before so i would love to come but not sure if my corolla is up to the standard of a car show lol
  4. hey i was just wondering if you have the cat for sale as well?
  5. hey mate is this still for sale as I'm very interested?
  6. hi is this rwd or fwd
  7. hey guys just wondering if there is any cruisers or events planned for this month or in the coming months?
  8. oh thanks man looks way better the right way haha
  9. rotating would help lol not sure how
  10. tribute to paul walker r.i.p
  11. this is my beast i love her!!!!!
  12. thanks heaps for that bro was starting to get frustrated haha
  13. hey guys I'm Luke (ROLLA91) I'm from Brisbane Mitchelton i have a 1992 AE92 white rolla havent really done much to it besides things i needed to do just replaced the timing belt with the help of my bro haha ive had for about a yr and a half and it has not let me down at all i was so impressed i even made my older sister buy one haha she has a 1995 AE101 its also white lol
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