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  1. A quick update: The speedo stopped working this morning, the brake pedal went to the floor a couple of times yesterday and the power steering reservoir (I think it is) is leaking. So I have a couple days fixing those problems. Hopefully I can get them done ASAP
  2. Who reckons that a set of lowered springs and rims would look nice? I get my P's soon so there will be more upgrades coming up soon
  3. My cap doesnt look like that. we tried pulling the leads out but they don't seem to budge. I think I might either get a new cap or buy a new timing light
  4. the timing light I have has like a coil that you attach to something. My step dad was trying to figure it out. maybe a new timing light needs to be bought...
  5. So today I found out that I have an exhaust leak just behind the muffler. I guess there's another job that needs to be done soon
  6. I have tried to check my timing on my 1991 Corolla with a 4AFE. The plugs wont come out of the cap so I can check. Do I need a new cap or is there another way to connect the timing light?
  7. 1-1.5 inch drop sounds like an ideal height for a drop. i need new shocks anyway as the rear shocks are gone. need to save up for tyres and wheels though. thanks man
  8. Thanks Ben. mine is also a 5 speed and does go well. i have recently changed the oil, oil filter and air filter last week so i wont need to do tat for another couple of months. would an intake/exhaust mod be reasonable? also i suspect that the rear shocks are gone according to my step dad as they are really soft and don't bounce back. do i drop it an inch or keep it stock height?
  9. here are two pics. sorry i don't have more, i will keep updating the pics on this occassionally
  10. Hey everyone, I am currently 16 in Australia and own a 1991 AE94 corolla. It has a 4A-FE motor and I was wondering what mods I could do to it to make it run better. Don't have much cash so preferably cheapish mods. Cheers
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