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  1. Ok got the firewall and tunnel Sorted,,, what do you guys thinks of the SR20de to the 3SGE...
  2. Can I get firewall and tunnel professionally done in queensland by a car fabrication place and will it be legal then... Example--- mod plate...And do they do that.... Thanks
  3. Hey drift freak. Thanks for the info, looks like a big job ahead of me if I go that way, but I must say your job on your car is amazing.. When I got my ke10 it already had no tunnel in it but it's so straight and has no rust in it so very happy with that, was looking on a half cut today 4000k for the 3sge manual wow.. At the end of the day it's a bit of a hobby for me and if it takes me four years + it's all good lol :)
  4. Hey thanks for that.... Looks great and lots of info on it... Will surely look into it :).... And thanks again for helping me out with this :)
  5. I think it would be worth paying the extra money for the 3SGE... Just sounds like the better choice :)
  6. I think you guys are right.... That sound so good....The little ke10 will be very quick I think :)
  7. Wow 3 awesome engines... Do you think the 3sge is better than 4agze and 4age... My head is in overload :)
  8. Can the 4age or the 4agze can be registered in qld in a ke10.. Or can I go bigger...
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