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  1. Do you know what sort if weight the package would be ? Cheers
  2. Could you send to Christchurch New Zealand whole package including adjustable struts ?
  3. What master cylinder would be used for this setup
  4. Shit didn't realise the date on this! Brought me to this forum from a google search. Weight isn't really a problem she's no drag car but will go like one purely for the road and for looks just a project that's kinda got a bit out of hand but will be an awesome car when is finished
  5. I m currently doing the same with my 35 coupe bit 13b turbo dyno tuned at 480 hp running a series 6 box 4 link setup hilux diff tubbed out running a 15 by 9 inch wheel with a 3 inch offset using honda accord disc brake rear but unsure what To use on the front. Any ideas?
  6. Anyone know what front brakes would suit a 13b turbo ke35 sr coupe conversion running a 15 by 9 inch rim
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