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  1. Banjo I will be running this due to its high zinc content http://www.redlineoil.com/product.aspx?pid=15&pcid=1 Will let you know how I get on, cheers
  2. Thanks Banjo, much appreciated, Starlets are very rare over here so wanted to try and keep it as original as possible but it has been a challenge with sourcing parts from all over the globe. But always found great experience and advice here. The full engine transplant has taken place with only 3 hole drilled for the rad everything else has used or we have had fabricated as stock. Nothing out of the ordinary with the oil system, usual shim of the new oil pump, baffle fitted in the sump and using redline racing 40w oil which has a 2200 zinc content and a couple of guages. The first start up we did exactly as you have described, all components in the engine were built with engine builders oil, new pump was packed before installation. First start up, plugs out and turned over till pressure was up. I have a defi oil pressure and temp guage. On running in oil, oil pressure is built up as soon as engine is turned over. I am seeing 5 bar on cold star up dropping down as she warms up. Glad you like her, exhaust being finished tomorrow, tappets checked and off to the rolling road in 2 weeks for carb set up
  3. Thanks lexsmaz,mid some research and your are absolutely correct with the change to the smaller filter, but if anyone is interested the larger filter part number is 15601-33021
  4. No problems, thanks for the advice. Good to know the filter I have been supplied with is suitable. Was wondering if this has now replaced the original large filter or even better if the large filter is still available?
  5. Thank you Banjo, much appreciated Frustratingly it appears that over the pond here in the UK, Ryco isn't widely stocked :(
  6. Evening All Looking for some feedback on what oil filter you are using. I normally go for genuine but it appears their are 2 types - large & small??? My local dealer has sent me 90915-YZZJ2 but I am not convenience this is the correct one. It's a lot smaller than my current one which was purchased by the previous owner and is not genuine. Running a Toyota 4kc As always thanks in advance
  7. Recommended oil for a stock motor is 20w50 but I feel that will be to thick. Unfortunately engine is not running yet as just been built so no temps to go by Good shout thank you.....and it always gets hot in the UK when summer is here and you jump on a plane and go abroad on Holiday ;)
  8. After research Ideally I want to run VR1 15w40 due to its ZDDP content but this is only available in 10w30 or 20w50. Question.....if I mix the two is this safe and will I get the desired 15w40??? Thanks again
  9. I have seem some good reviews on15w40 just need to find a brand with a good zinc content? This is interesting but kinda puts me back to square one :( 20w50 would be the obvious and easiest chose I was hoping for but I have been told it would to thick?
  10. Hi Redwarf, what weight did you use and grade. Thank you
  11. Thank you, that's a great help. I been told and read about making sure their is more than .11 zinc in the chosen oil for the 4k. I will have a search around on the link. Thank you again
  12. Hi, Ok I have done a few days of research but with no definative answers. I have a fresh new worked 4k and trying to find the best oil to use after running in. I have built the engine on sticky engine building oil, and it will be run in on millers running in oil. The car will be a fast road car used in the UK mostly in the summer for fun. Any thoughts or information (more the better) will be greatly received. Thank you in advance
  13. Awesome, thank you for taking the time to share, great advice much appreciated
  14. Thanks again, any particular brand or model of the twin electrode?
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